The Nile River is a major north-flowing river in North Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. It acted as the lifeline of Egypt, keeping the soil fertile by overflowing annually. This allowed the Egyptians to cultivate many crops including wheat and flax.

In Ancient Egyptian Religion

The Nile was also the crux of Ancient Egyptian religion. It was considered to be the causeway between life, death, and the afterlife. Ra was an important figure in this belief. As the sun God he rose in the east and fell in the west. Because of this the east shore was considered a place of life and the west shore was a place of death and where the dead were buried.

Annual Floods and Egyptian Mythology

The flooding of the Nile was celebrated for the Egyptians as a holiday. It lasted two weeks, starting in August 15.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the flooding of the Nile was because of  Isis' tears when Osiris died.

Also, the flooding of the Nile was occasionally said to be the Arrival of Hapi.

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