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Njord (pronounced "NYORD"; often spelled Njörðr) was the Norse Vanir god of seas, wealth, wind, and fishing. He was the father of Frey and Freya and the grandfather to both Blitzen and Magnus Chase.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Njord was mentioned several times throughout the book, with Ran being able to detect that Magnus Chase is his grandson. 

The Ship of the Dead

He saves the crew of the Big Banana from the Nine Billow Maidens. He then talks with Magnus, Blitz and Hearth about getting Kvasir's mead for the flyting and separates Hearth and Blitz from the rest of the crew of the Big Banana so as to greatly increase the chances of success. He then tells Magnus that he should head to Skadi's harbor soon.


Njord is described as a man in his mid-forties, strong and sunburned as if he had worked decades as a lifesaver. He wears a light blue polo shirt and a short cargo, and his bare feet. The fine hair and the short beard are honey-colored, with some white threads.


Njord is cheerful and tranquil. It represents the good side of the sea, being the opposite of Aegir. He likes to flaunt his feet and be praised for them.


  • Standard powers of a god.
  • Hydrokinesis: As the god of the sea, he can control water.
  • Aerokinesis: As the god of the wind, he can control the wind.
  • Ferrokinesis: As the god of wealth, he can control the riches of the earth.
  • Fertility Manipulation: As the god of fertility, he could increase or decrease the fertility of soil/plants, animals, and humans (possible anothers gods and anothers creatures).

He has the power to ease pressure sickness and teleport Magnus and his friends. His powers are imheritable to his grandchildren to some degree, unlike other gods.

As the god of the human controlled side of the sea, he has influence over easing the burdens others face in the sea including fishing, sailing and so on... making him rather negotiable.


Immortal Children


Nerthus Frey and Freya


  • His Greco-Roman equivalent is Poseidon/Neptune.
  • He was briefly married to Skadi, the Norse goddess of Winter and Hunt.
  • It is theorized that Nerthus, the Vanir goddess of the earth, harvest and revenge is his sister and mother of his twin children.


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