A nome is a district, region or facility. The term originated in Ancient Egypt, when Egypt was divided into forty-two provinces. In modern times, the system is now used by the House of Life and has expanded globally with a total of three hundred and sixty nomes.

Known Nomes

  • The First Nome - Located in Egypt, the first nome is headquarters to the House of Life, where initiates are trained before they are assigned to different nomes. It is hidden beneath the Cairo airport and used to be above ground.
  • The Ninth Nome - Based in London, and possibly encompasses all of England and the U.K.
  • The Fourteenth Nome - Located in Paris (possibly encompasses all of France), headquarters are in the home of Michel Desjardins.
  • The Fifty-First Nome - Located in Dallas and was led by JD Grissom.
  • The One Hundredth Nome - Located in Toronto.
  • The Two Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Nome - Located in Shibuya district, Tokyo.
  • The Three Hundreth Nome - Located in North Korea, and a punishment assignment.
  • The Three Hundred and Sixtieth Nome - Located in Antarctica, also a punishment assignment.
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