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Nun is a god of chaos and water. He is a deification of the primordial sea of Chaos. Nun is actually an ocean god/goddess. Nun was Ra's brother in some cases and his wife in others. 


He, like all the gods in the cosmogony, is a frog-god, and his female counterpart, Naunet, a snake-goddess, like all the cosmogony's other goddesses. 

Nun was associated with chaos. In one myth, it was Nun who told Ra to send his 'eye' to destroy humans, because they no longer respected Ra.  But in one myth, Nun took care of Shu and Tefnut when they where exploring Nun's waters. That showed that Nun wasn't chaos like Apophis


Nun was portrayed as a bearded man with a blue or green body, symbolizing water and fertility. Sometimes he is shown with female breasts as well. In one hand he holds a palm frond, a symbol of long life and wears another one in his hair.

Ogdoad Cosmogony

Nun is part of the Ogdoad Cosmogony; a group of eight ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses of the chaos before creation. They were Nun and Naunet (Primeval Waters), Heh and Hauhet (Boundlessness), Kuk and Kauket (Darkness), and Amun and Amaunet (Invisibility/Air/Void). 

Power and Abilities

Nun has power over water. He might have similar powers to Apophis, due to him being the god of chaos. Being a frog god, he can summon and control frogs.


  • The Ancient Egyptians thought of the sun rising through Nun as Genesis talked about God declaring light in the Sea of Darkness.
  • The gods of the Ogdoad were frog-gods.
  • The goddesses of the Ogdoad were snake-goddesses.
  • Nun is associated with chaos, but not like Apophis.
  • It was from Nun who Ra created itself.
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