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Nymphs are minor goddesses, or daimones (spirits) of nature and are responsible for its beauty and preservation, typically associated with a particular location or landform. Like satyrs, nymphs arose when Ouranos' blood spilled on fertile soil after he was murdered by his son Kronos.

Nymphs are mainly responsible for the plants and animals within their own domains and were closely associated with nature gods like Poseidon, Demeter, Hermes, Dionysus, Artemis and Pan. They dwell in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, in trees, valleys or in cool grottoes. There are a lot of different nymphs and each of the many subspecies has its own name depending on what they preside over. E.g. Naiads are nymphs presiding over the sources of fresh water, with the Limnatides specifically governing lakes, the Krenaeae governing wells and fountains. They are often chased by love sick gods or satyrs for their beauty.

Known Nymphs

Species: Centaur | Cyclopes | Dragon | Drakon | Eidolons | Empousa | Fire-Breathing Horse | Giants | Gorgon | Harpy | Hyperborean Giant | Ichthyocentaur | Karpoi | Katobleps | Laistrygonian Giant | Lycanthrope | Merpeople | Nikai | Nymphs | Pegasus | Satyr | Skolopendra | Stymphalian Birds | Telekhine | Blemmyae
Friendly Monsters: Argus | Blackjack | Briares | Chiron | Don | Ella | Festus | Gleeson Hedge | Gray |Grover Underwood | Hippocampus | Mellie | Mrs. O'Leary | Ophiotaurus | Peleus | Scipio | Tyson | Tempest
Enemy Monsters: Agrius and Oreius | Arachne | Basilisk | Charybdis and Scylla | Chimera | Chrysaor | Clazmonian Sow | Colchis Bull | Echidna | Euryale | Geryon | Joe Bob | Kampê | | Nanette | Manticore | Medusa | Minotaur | Nemean Lion | Polyphemus | Sphinx | Stheno | Typhon | Scythian Dracanae
Neutral Monsters: Carnivorous Sheep | Cerberus | Erymanthian Boar | Gray Sisters | Gorgons | Furies | Flesh-Eating Horse | Gryphon | Siren

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