Aeolus runs the OW! channel

The OW! Channel (Olympian Weather) is a weather service forecasted by the god Aeolus. He forecasts the weather every 12 minutes. The gods put in requests for weather through an earpiece in Aeolus's ear. He will often change what he says in the middle of a report, depending on what the gods want.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Jason, Piper, Leo, and Coach Hedge meet Aeolus while they were searching for information on the place where Hera is being held hostage by Khione, the snow goddess who is working for Gaea. Soon after they arrive, Aeolus was on air to do the weather report. Despite Aeolus trying desperately to accurately report the weather, a few of the gods keep asking for certain weather patterns in certain areas, some of which even contradict each other. Mellie claims that while meteorologists can try and predict the weather, no one can accurately tell what the weather will do. Because of this, Olympian Weather is the most accurate weather forecasting service, as Aeolus actually directs the weather.

Weather Requests

  • Demeter - wanted sun on Miami.
  • Poseidon - wanted the winter freeze to stay as he's "angry with Miami" for unknown reasons.
  • Zeus - asked Boreas to punish St. Louis with ice.
  • Hephaestus - wanted to counter-effect the weather Zeus asked for as he was "feeling sorry for Missouri."