An immovable marriage bed. Such a beautiful symbol!

Juno about the marriage bed, in The Blood of Olympus

Odysseus and Penelope's Marriage Bed was the epitome of the perfect marriage between Penelope and Odysseus. It was sacred to the goddess Juno, but all that remains of the marriage bed is its bedpost - a living olive tree located in the ruins of Odysseus' palace.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus

After being stabbed by Michael Varus with an Imperial Gold sword, a wounded Jason Grace calls to Juno through the sacred marriage bed, as she is the Roman goddess of marriage. Its bedpost, an olive tree, breaks through the ground and grows to full size, with Juno standing beneath it. This temporarily provides the goddess relief from her warring Greek and Roman aspects, declaring the marriage bed sacred to her due to Penelope's faithfulness to Odysseus.


  • Although Juno declares the marriage bed a symbol of Odysseus and Penelope's perfect marriage, Jason notes that Odysseus was not particularly faithful during his journey home; an indirect reference to his time spent with Calypso on Ogygia.
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