Ohio is the home to King Midas and his son Lityerses. There, Jason, Piper and Leo fight King Midas and Lityerses (also known as Lit).

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Jason, Piper and Leo arrive in a crash landing in King Midas's backyard after their dragon Festus was destroyed by lasers. There, Leo tries to fix Festus but fails to do so. As a result, Leo calls to his dad, Hephaestus who instantly carries the head of the dragon back to Camp Half Blood. Jason, Piper and Leo go into King Midas's house to rest for the night and are surprised to fight it unlocked. In the morning, their protector Coach Hedge wakes up after being frozen by Medea. He runs around the house shouting "DIE"! and knocking over random statues and brochures. Just then, King Midas arrives and is shocked to find three teenagers and a satyr in his house. He calls to his son Lit. Coach Hedge intends on killing Midas and Lit but Jason Piper and Leo want to stop him from doing so and therefore tells him to go outside. Hedge tells Jason that if he needed any help, all he needed to do was call him. Jason and his friends have a short conversation with Midas and shortly after, Midas decides to turn them into stone because they are not serious buyers. Midas gives Jason and his friends a choice: to get killed by Lit or get turned to gold by Midas. Piper tries to use her charmspeaking ability but Midas promptly grabs her and turns her into a golden statue. Leo tries to summon fire but also gets turned to gold by Midas much to Jason's disbelief. Jason chooses to fight Lit instead much to Midas's disappointment. The two engage in a duel and eventually, Jason manages to knock Lit backwards and tricks Midas into touching his son, turning him to gold. Midas attacks Jason but Jason trips him over and summons lightning to attack Midas destroying his roof. Rain then pours down turning the past victims of Midas back into human except for Lit who Jason covers a cloth over to prevent him from turning back into human for a while. Jason quickly takes Piper and Leo, finds Hedge and escape while past victims of Midas deal with the Greek king.