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Images Nico

Nico di Angelo, a demigod who watched the Orientation Film.

The Orientation Film is a film that new demigod campers at Camp Half-Blood watch shortly after their arrival.


The Orientation film is designed to help demigods adjust to life at Camp Half-Blood. It explains some of the more important aspects of the camp, such as Chiron being a centaur, or that the Greek gods are alive and well. The film is normally shown to all Greek demigods that make it to camp, but to those that were completely shielded from the world of monsters, the film may not be enough for them to understand.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

The orientation film is mentioned by Chiron upon Percy Jackson's arrival at camp. However, because Percy's mother never told him about his father, or the world of the gods, Chiron decides that the film isn't sufficient to answer all of Percy's possible questions, and thus orders Annabeth Chase to explain everything to Percy in detail.

The Titan's Curse

Shortly after Nico di Angelo's arrival at Camp Half-Blood, Chiron asks Grover Underwood to take Nico to the den to watch it, while he talks with Percy. Nico asks about the film's rating as his sister Bianca is very strict about the types of films he is allowed to watch. Grover tells him the film is rated PG-13, much to Nico's excitement, and then later follows Grover to see the film.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Apollo mentioned that he directed the orientation film.


  • While the film is rated PG-13, many demigods arrive at camp before the age of thirteen (such as Percy, Nico, and Annabeth), hence, these demigods are technically considered to be "underage" watching the film, however it is possible that Grover just said that because he knew that it would make Nico willing to see it.
  • The only known demigod who has seen the film is Nico di Angelo
  • The film was directed by Apollo.

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