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Osteokinesis is the ability to summon, manipulate, and control bones. Only Hades/Pluto and his demigod children are known to possess the ability.


Hades creepy!

Hades, god of the dead

Hades' osteokinesis grants him absolute control over numerous bones at once.

Children of Hades

Hades' demigod children also have this ability (though to a much lesser degree), the only known example being Nico di Angelo. Nico could initially only summon a few bones and skulls from the ground, but by the time he fights Lycaon in The Blood of Olympus, Nico's powers have exponentially increased, to the point that he was able to summon hundreds of bones, enough to trap Lycaon and his wolves for a few minutes.


  • Able to summon bones.
  • Able to recreate bones into their full skeleton form.
  • Able to destroy Skeleton Warriors.

Users of Osteokinesis

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