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Tanngnjóstr (pronounced "TAN-ge-NYO-ster"), commonly referred to as Otis in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, is a goat that is owned by the Norse god Thor.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Otis and his brother Marvin are commonly sacrificed by the god Thor and are reborn a short time after. Otis appears giving mouth to mouth with Magnus. He keeps on telling Magnus to kill him, a clean cut across the neck. His team follow Otis to Thor, who was stuck between a giantess's legs. Magnus then summons Jack, who ends up sticking himself into her nose, and afterwards, takes a bath in a goblet. Later, Otis and Marvin are sacrificed for dinner.

The Hammer of Thor

Otis meets up with Magnus at The Thinking Cup to tell him that he has an idea of where Mjølnir could be, in the barrow of a Wight, but Magnus and his friends have to get it. Magnus initially does not believe him as the lead is based on barnyard gossip Otis heard in his psychiatrist's waiting room. He is then killed when an ax hits him and damages his heart. Later, when Gellir answers Magnus about the Mjølnir, Magnus is outraged when the zombie prince tells him that if he believed Thor's hammer was in the barrow, he had been very badly informed, and states 'I have a goat to kill'.


  • Otis' real name, Tanngnjóstr, means "Teeth Grinder", since that is a nervous habit of his.
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