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I hope that was a monster I just killed. I was a Shakespearean actor in college! Picked up a little swordplay!

–Paul Blofis, to Percy in The Last Olympian

Paul Blofis is the step-father of Percy Jackson and English teacher of Goode High School. He is currently married to Sally Jackson.


Paul met Sally Jackson at a college which Sally was attending after she petrified Gabe Ugliano using Medusa's Head at the end of The Lightning Thief. They were in the same writing seminar and started studying together and became friends.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

When Percy sends his mother an Iris message, he sees her sitting at a table with Paul laughing. He gets up to go to the bathroom, and she tells Percy about Paul, and that they are in the writing seminar together at her college. Percy sees that his mother truly likes Paul, and remembers how miserable and unhappy she was with Gabe, and how he treated her horribly. Percy then gives his mother his blessing, as long as she is happy.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson, his wife

Paul meets Percy formally, and the two become friends. Paul tries to get him into Goode High School, the school where he works as an English teacher, treating him as if he were his own son. Percy appreciates Paul's efforts, and managed to stay in the school for two years.

Paul asked Percy if they could talk man to man, asking if he could marry Sally. Percy says yes because his mother was really happy with Paul and she was never that happy before.

Paul meets Poseidon at Percy's 15th Birthday party, and is very formal and very polite with him, although he doesn't seem pleased with his arrival. He was surprised when Tyson also called Poseidon "Daddy", but Sally quickly assured him that Tyson was not her child. When Paul learned of Poseidon's name he asked, "like the god of the sea?"

Sometime between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian, Paul and Sally got married.

The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, Paul's step-son.

When Paul finds out that Percy is a demigod, he is shocked and excited, but not scared or angry at all. He also didn't believe Percy until Mrs. O'Leary and Nico appeared in Percy's apartment. Over time he accepts it, and worries about Percy when he is not around.

Paul and Sally think something is wrong and went looking for Percy, but they get caught in the spell of Morpheus and are put to sleep. When Percy found them, he becomes angry and annoyed and slices through the window like plastic wrap to move the car away from the battle and into safety. When Sally wakes him up, Paul takes a sword and kills a Dracaenae, using skills he learned doing Shakespeare in college, and Sally uses a shotgun she found in a police car against a Laistrygonian giant. They hold on to their own, and they both survive the fight.

Percy later goes home with them after spending the rest of the summer at camp, happy to have a family at last.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Paul is mentioned when Percy makes a call to him and Sally. He used a pay phone to call home, but got the answering machine. Paul's voice could be heard on it and Percy left them a short message saying he was alive and he was on a quest.

The Blood of Olympus

Percy mentioned Paul and his mother before he went to fight the Giants.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Sally mentioned that Paul might finish the cookies before Percy gets back home from Camp Half-Blood. Apollo wears Paul's jacket out of the house. Percy reveals that Paul and Sally are expecting a baby girl together.


Paul is a very honest and just man who is very genuine and is polite to everybody. He loves Sally and believes Percy is special, but doesn't know how special he really is until Sally tells him that Percy is actually a demigod. When Paul finds out that Percy is a demigod, he doesn't freak out like Percy expects, he's just shocked and initially doesn't believe him, though he eventually comes to think it's very exciting. He is a nice and supporting man, and Percy appreciates him being there for him — he is also on fairly good terms with Poseidon, despite having only met him once, and is polite to him because of Percy.


Paul is 'thirty-something,' with longish salt-and-pepper hair, and wears a brown jacket over a black T-shirt. He reminds Percy of a television actor, and it is stated that he is very good-looking.


Romantic Interests

Sally Jackson

Catherine Keener protraying Sally Jackson in The Lightning Thief film

Sally and Paul first meet while attending the same seminar at college. Soon after they start studying together. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Paul pulls Percy aside and asks for his permission to propose to Sally. Sometime between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian they get married. 



When Paul attended Percy's 15th Birthday, Poseidon also visited. Sally, Percy's mom, was a bit off guard when she saw Poseidon, but Paul quickly acted and greeted Poseidon politely. Poseidon also called him 'Blowfish' rather than "Blofis," and seemed to be slightly disappointed when Paul says his surname isn't Blowfish.

Images Poseidon

Their first meeting was a bit awkward, it was seen that it was their only meeting. Poseidon leaves by magically disappearing. Paul thought that he must have left using the fire escape, as Percy tells him this.


Paul is a common male name coming from Christian background. It derives from the Roman family name "Paulus," it means "small" or "humble." This could tie with his personality as he is a very humble man.

Known Students


  • Both Percy and his father, Poseidon, called him Blowfish instead of Blofis when they first met him, as blowfish have a connection to Poseidon, being one of his sea creatures.
    • In the Brazilian translation the pun is made with the word "balofice" (fatness), which also sounds like Blofis in Portuguese. In the same translation, Percy casually mentions that Blofis has a sort of pot-belly, further aiding to the joke.
    • In the German translation, the pun is made with the word "Blaufisch" (bluefish), which also sounds like Blofis in German.
    • In the Polish translation, the pun is made with the word "popis" (show-off), with Poseidon stating that he likes to occasionally show-off.
  • Paul was a Shakespearean actor in college. This explains his sword work in the Battle of Manhattan.
  • He is not mentioned at all in The Lost Hero, even though Sally Jackson was mentioned. It is unknown whether Paul Blofis knew about Percy's disappearance.
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