Zeus, his uncle

Zeus has mixed feelings for his nephew. He was upset over his birth because it violated the pact that he, Poseidon, and Hades made after World War II to not bear any more children, even as he himself did no better by conceiving Thalia and Jason Grace, and was angered by his nephew personally when he refused his offer of godhood. Zeus is nevertheless thankful for the demigod's past services to both himself and Olympus as a whole. During the winter solstice council meeting in The Titan's Curse, he voted to let him live even when it was no longer tied to the fate of Thalia. However, Zeus once warned Percy that he will strike him down if he ever travels in the sky. Though it is never brought up again by his uncle, Percy is very mindful of traveling by land or sea. However, it seems that in extreme situations, Percy is allowed to travel by plane as evident in The Son of Neptune. He also allows Percy to fly on Blackjack, and allows him to be carried by the Angel Statues at Hoover Dam.


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Poseidon is Percy's father.


Like Zeus, Hades has a mixed relationship with his nephew due to his natural dislike of heroes. He once believed Percy had stolen his Symbol of Power until the boy later proved his innocence and returned the helm which the god repaid by returning the boy's mother whom he had kidnapped. In The Last Olympian, Hades briefly imprisoned Percy in his dungeon to ensure Nico became the child of the Great Prophecy. Later, he was convinced by his son to aid Percy and also played an indirect role in his wish for general acceptance and amnesty through past business advice to Nico for getting a "solemn oath." Given that Percy is directly responsible for his position on the council with full privileges and rights, it would be fair to say that Hades has an improved opinion about him.




The god of war despises Percy for wounding him during their duel in The Lightning Thief. It is dangerous that they are on bad terms because Ares thinks highly of revenge and is quite violent. Ares puts a curse on Percy's sword which came into effect during the battle with Atlas. When Percy was later offered godhood, Ares agreed with it because he could fight Percy anytime he wanted and wouldn't have to worry about killing him. As Mars, he seems to treat him with a mixture of amusement and annoyance.




Hera neither likes nor dislikes Percy. Both Percy and Annabeth disagree with her views about family, siding with her son Hephaestus even though Hera helped them several times in The Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy is close friends with Thalia, one of Zeus' illegitimate children whom Hera naturally despises. In addition, Percy is the love interest of Annabeth whom Hera cursed for offending her, much like Ares did to Percy for humiliating him. In The Last Olympian, she makes Ares write a thank you letter to Poseidon for saving Olympus, hinting that she may care for him. In The Son of Neptune, Hera sent Percy to Camp Jupiter, have erased most of his memory to her nephew's great annoyance. As Juno she is noticeably more patient with him and answered his questions in his dream without complaint. She commented she considers Percy "a loose cannon" and "impulsive" but also "unswervingly loyal" as well "the glue that will unite the seven". Percy mentions he understands her motives and reasoning for uniting the seven but still is annoyed having lost 8 months of his life as a result.


Athena is on neutral, if on somewhat unfriendly terms with Percy. She disapproves of his relationship with her daughter, Annabeth both because of his fatal flaw and he is the son of her rival Poseidon. In The Titan's Curse, she guided him at the Hoover Dam in order to save Annabeth though she also voted that he be destroyed at the winter solstice meeting. In The Last Olympian, Athena had Hermes send a message to Percy as well as Annabeth, advising how to best prepare for the invasion but also used the opportunity to remind Percy of her displeasure about his relationship with her daughter. Despite her disapproval of him, it was Athena who convinced the other Olympians to honor his request for recognition though she later confronted him about his decision to decline godhood. He admitted Annabeth was the main reason much to her dislike.



Dionysus ("Mr.D")

Both Dionysus and Percy share a mutual dislike of each other. Dionysus detests all heroes in general due to Theseus' treatment of his wife Ariadne while Percy resents his antagonistic attitude towards him and the rest of the campers. On the other hand, Dionysus did once save Percy's life during his quest to save Annabeth and Artemis. He also correctly remembered Percy's name in a conversation they had after he saved Percy on said quest (Dionysus is notorious for mixing up and forgetting the names of campers though they know that he does this on purpose). Then at the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth, Dionysus gives Grover his support after learning of Pan's death and cures Chris Rodriguez of his madness. Despite their mainly tense relationship, Dionysus favors Percy with his advice, aid, and judgement more than any other god in the series. This indicates that Dionysus likely acknowledges Percy, especially after the end of the second Titan War though he did tell Percy he would still try to make his life miserable at camp. As Bacchus, they treat each other the same as normally despite Mr. D being Roman aspect of himself as he helped Percy fight the Twins Giants inside the Coluseeum, Rome. He also warns Percy that his future is in extreme danger.


Traditionally, Hephaestus has close ties with Percy's father Poseidon in the form of the


Cyclopes who work for both of them. Hephaestus is personally grateful to Percy for having discovered and eliminated those who invaded his forge under Mount Saint Helens even though he not only destroyed the forge but ultimately freed Typhon. Though he was impressed with the boy's performance in the battle for Olympus, he mentions to Leo in The Lost Hero that he sees Percy as an ingrate and upstart for refusing immortality and demanding that the gods pay closer attention to their children.



Percy is on Artemis' good side since he helped find and save her in The Titan's Curse. She even declares him a hero before Olympian Council and calls him a man rather than a boy after he helped her defeat Atlas. Percy's friendships with Thalia and Zoe as well as his loyalty to others regardless of gender places him in the highest regard in her eyes. In The Lost Hero, she sent her Hunters in search of him, deliberately defying her father's orders in order to do so. It is unknown but likely that she knows what happened to him.


Percy is on good terms with Hermes who convinced him to go on a quest in The Sea of Monsters and gave him magic items to assist him in his journey. He also explained the relationship between gods and heroes to him. Later, their relationship soured after realizing that Percy could not save Luke Castellan. After the war, their relationship was mended upon Percy's counseling and sympathy for Hermes' feelings of powerlessness for Luke's fate. Hermes trusted Percy enough to seek him out for help in retrieving his stolen Caduceus, and repaid Percy's favor by treating him and Annabeth to a magically arranged dinner in Paris for their one-month anniversary.


The goddess of love and beauty favors Percy, having expressed an interest in his relationship with Annabeth Chase. She told that Percy that she planned to meddle with


his love life, intending to make it a "nice tragic love story". It was Aphrodite who arranged for Percy to meet Rachel and later Calypso, causing him to be confused about his feelings for Annabeth.


Apollo tends to side with Percy and can see the good he does. While Percy goes on a quest to try and save Apollo's sister Artemis in The Titan's Curse, he helped Percy directly which goes against the ancient laws of gods, but put his faith in Percy that he would be able to save her.


Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest has had very little interaction with Percy, having only met each other during Percy's second journey to the Underworld.


Percy only met Persephone twice but he came off worse both times. In The Demigod Files, Persephone tricked Nico, Percy, and Thalia into recovering Hades' new sword. In The Last Olympian, Percy is considered by Persephone to be brave, but she does not vouch for him against Hades and shrugs indifferently when Hades states that he will imprison Percy and make himself king of the gods when Nico turns sixteen.



Hestia, his aunt

Aside from his father, Hestia is possibly Percy's best relationship with a god. Percy actually first saw Hestia his first day at camp but thought she was an eight-year-old girl. Hestia helps Percy several times in The Last Olympian which he repays by entrusting her with Pandora's pithos as "Hope survives best by the hearth."  Percy's respect for her goes as far for him to tell her she is "the Last Olympian and the most important".



He is the main antagonist of the whole story, but being the father of the Big Three gods, he is Percy 's grandfather. Like Percy said, "Being the son of Poseidon and all, I guess that makes him my grandfather." Percy thought it so strange he dismissed it completely. Nevertheless, Percy is Kronos' grandson. Kronos has tried to recruit Percy several times, but to no avail.


He is the only Titan that is on the good side with Percy. In The Sword of Hades (in The Demigod Files), while he is fighting Percy, Percy tricks him into splashing into the River Lethe, wiping his memory clean. He emerges believing he is a man named Bob and his friend is Percy. Now he assists Percy whenever he requires his assistance.


He and Percy have a similar hateful relationship. He and Percy fight and he easily got furious; Percy had a mini-hurricane around him, extinguishing Hyperion's light. Soon, the satyrs' magic transformed him into a tree in The Last Olympian.


As a Titan, his curse was to carry the weight of the sky on his shoulders. Close to the events of the The Titan's Curse he succeeded in getting Luke to carry the sky so that he could fight. Then he tricked Annabeth into carrying it, who then got Artemis to take the burden. Percy then relieved Artemis of the sky so she could fight. Finally Atlas ends up with the sky again because of Percy, so it is heavily implied that Atlas hates Percy. 


Prometheus and Percy have mixed feelings for each other. Prometheus says he likes heroes because Hercules freed him from being chained to a rock with vultures. Although Percy regards him as "a slimy worm," he becomes more respectable of him after he shows Percy a vision of Hermes lecturing Luke. It is unknown if they meet again, and if they do meet again, it will probably be under better terms as they are now no longer enemies,but it will still be unknown if Prometheus will be assisting the Titans or the gods now.



Percy and the giant Polybotes have a large amounts of dislike for each other, as Polybotes is the Bane of Neptune and has attempted to capture, torture, and eventually kill Percy. According to Polybotes, Percy's blood will bring back theEarth Mother, but before that he wants to torture Percy and keep him as a pet until the time is right.


Alcyoneus has respect for Percy, as he has been watching him all his life and knew he was the one to defeat Kronos. However, because of his orders from Polybotes, he apologizes that he will not be able to kill him. Beyond this conversation, the two share no more interaction.



Throughout The Son of Neptune, Gaea, the goddess of the Earth has been sending Percy dreams and speaking to him. While she is speaking to him, she told him affectionately that he was her "important little pawn" and that he would be the ultimate key to the Olympian's defeat. In turn, Percy dislikes the goddess for her trying to destroy his friends at both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, as well as the Olympians, as this includes his father. In The Mark of Athena, Gaea personally chose Percy to be her sacrifice for blood to make her raise, she also appears to him in a near like human form calling him her "dear friend" along with her "little darling pawn". She is also very active towards as she appears to him more than the other seven, appearing in a human-like form during The Mark of Athena, telling him to enjoy Tartarus and that he will fall to her.

According to Alcyoneus, Gaea hates Percy more than anyone else, with the possible exception being Jason Grace.