Persephone's Flowers are a type of magical flowers grown by the goddess Persephone in her garden in the Underworld. While some of them are just regular flowers, as she is the goddess of springtime and flowers, others can be used for more specific objectives, such as when Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, and Nico di Angelo were on a quest looking for the Sword of Hades, in which Persephone gives them a tracking flower and a travel rose to help them find the thief.

Persephone, their creator

Tracking Flower

A special flower that resembles a carnation, though being a sickly-yellow color. Persephone gave Percy, Nico, and Thalia this flower to track Ethan Nakamura, who had stolen the Sword of Hades from her husband, Hades, while it was being forged. The flower would always point in his direction and the petals would die and drop off as he got closer to escaping the Underworld. It finally died when he released the Titan Iapetus. It is unknown what else it can do as this particular flower was created to only track Ethan.

Travel Rose

After completing the mission, Persephone gave each of the demigods a red rose that, when crushed, would return them to the land of the living. These were similar to Poseidon's Pearls (in the movie, Persephone's pearls). Only Percy and Thalia used theirs as Nico wanted to stay in the Underworld, but could also leave by shadow traveling

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