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Photokinesis is the mental and/or physical ability to control light. To a greater extent, one could become invisible, concentrate light particles into lasers, and manipulate any part of the light spectrum (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.).

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Hyperion, the Titan of light

Apollo of the sun

Apollo the god of the sun

The Last Olympian

Hyperion, the Titan of light, is one of the lieutenants in Kronos' army during the Second Olympian War. He is in Central Park and uses his powers over light to attack a group of satyrs and nature spirits. Percy Jackson comments that he was hard to look at as he radiates light. Percy uses his abilities over water to put out Hyperion's light, and creates a hurricane to prevent Hyperion from using his powers on land. Grover Underwood and Leneus, along with many other satyrs, play their reed pipes, and imprison Hyperion in a "very nice maple tree" they create with the music.


Users of Photokinesis can:

  • Create illusions/hallucinations.
  • Create light shields/force field.
  • Project healing energies (different from Vitakinesis).
  • Blast of lights to impale or blind enemies for some time or maybe forever.
  • Create a ball or shape of light to blast.

Users of Photokinesis

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