The Pillar of Fire, is the strongest spell a Fire Elementalist can summon, as stated by Isis in The Red Pyramid.


According to Isis, "It is the most powerful spell a master of fire can summon. It is impossible to defeat, impossible to escape. It can be used to lead the summoner toward a goal. Or it can be used to pursue any enemy, forcing him to run." Zia summons it in order to deter Michel Desjardins, thus allowing Carter Kane and Sadie Kane more time. It is shown to be a massive pillar that burns through anything. It will not be destroyed until the caster loses the energy needed to sustain the spell. The time it remains varies depending on the magician's strength and ability, but lasts only between 6 and 12 hours. It is important to note that while powerful, the spell leaves the caster defensless to other magical attacks and without magic power.

Uses in The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Zia casts the Pillar of Fire when she reunites with Carter at the "place of the crosses"(Las Cruces). It relentlessly pursues Desjardins, rendering him useless as he tries to avoid it. Desjardins tries casting many spells to destroy the pillar, but all he can do is manage to keep it at bay.


  • It is believed that Moses used this spell once, given by the similarities between the description in the Red Pyramid and the Bible's Book of Exodus.
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