Well, it is, along with gladiator fighting and Pac-Man, one of the greatest games ever invented by humans. I would expect all civilized young men to know the rules.

Dionysus to Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief

Pinochle is a card game played by Dionysus, Chiron, and the satyrs at Camp Half-Blood. Chiron is known to win most of the time, although Mr. D is fairly good. When Percy Jackson first arrives, Mr. D asks him to join him in a game. According to Mr. D, every civilized man should know the basic rules of Pinochle, also according to him it is along with gladiator fighting one of the best games invented by humans.

Bicycle pinochle playing ca

Two decks of playing cards.


Pinochle was originally a European game, and it can be played by two to four players with a deck of forty-eight cards, each getting fifteen cards. In the game, different combination's of cards, or the cards themselves, are worth different amounts of points. For example, the highest combination includes the ace, king, queen, and jack of the same suit and is worth 15 points.

The game was popularized by German immigrants and is derived from the game bezique, but was misspelled and mispronounced until it became Pinochle.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Dionysus GN

Mr. D

Chiron and Mr. D are playing pinochle when Percy wakes up from his unconsciousness. Chiron asks him if he would like to play the game. While Mr. D believes that he wins, Chiron retorts that he does, tallying up his points. When Dionysus hears that Percy does not know how to play pinochle, he says that every civilized man should know the basic rules of the game.