A small fire burned a hole in the ground at my feet. Out crawled something glistening black, about the size of my hand. A scorpion.

Percy, in The Lightning Thief

A pit scorpion is a deadly type of monster like scorpion. Many were summoned from the Underworld or Tartarus during the first Olympian war.

Effects of the Sting

After a person is stung, a red welt instantly appears, oozing their yellow pus. Next, sound begins to fade and vision is blurred. Then comes loss of movement and loss of vision. Paralysis soon follows, then unconsciousness, and then ultimately death, unless the wound is treated immediately.

Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Luke Castellan brings Percy Jackson into the woods, reveals his allegiance to the titan Kronos and then summons a pit scorpion. He tells Percy he should not go for his sword, as a pit scorpion can jump to fifteen feet and it's venom can kill a person in exactly sixty seconds. When Luke is gone, Percy quickly goes for his sword and kills the scorpion, but then realizes that it had stung him. He then rushes outside for help, before eventually passing out. Wood nymphs bring him back to camp and he regains consciousness in the Big House after Chiron heals him.


  • Its deadly venom can kill within a minute.
  • It can jump up to fifteen feet in height.
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