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Prophecy From The Oracle Of Trophonius

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This prophecy was spoken by Meg. It was given to her when Meg and Apollo entered the cavern of Trophonius.

The words that memory wrought are set on fire,
Ere new moon rises o'er the Devil's Mount.
The changeling lord shall face a challenge dire,
Till bodies fill the Tiber beyond count.

Yet southward must the sun now trace its course,
Through mazes dark to lands of scourching death
To find the master of the swift white horse
And wrest from him the crossword speaker's breath.

To westward palace must Lester go;
Demeter's daughter finds her ancient roots.
The cloven guide alone the way does know,
To walk the path in thine own enemy's boots.

When three are known and Tiber reached alive,
'Tis only then Apollo starts to jive.