Psyche was a mortal woman who married Eros, but when she betrayed his trust, she was forced by his mother, Aphrodite, to earn her way back to him. After proving her worth, she became the immortal Goddess of the Human Soul, and was married to Eros.

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Psyche was born as the youngest of three daughters to the King and Queen of a Greek city. Since the early days of her childhood, she was an object of admiration and envy (especially to her older sisters) because of her extraordinary beauty.

When she opened her bedchamber windows, crowds would gather in the street below to admire her, and they even clamoured, applauded, and threw flowers at her, as if they were celebrating the beauty of an immortal goddess. Whenever she walked through town, she had to take bodyguards with her to keep admirers away. Despite this, Psyche did not become egotistical, and actually wished that she was a normal female with normal looks, for she wanted none of the overwhelming attention she received due to her beauty.

Psyche Eagle

Receiving help from Zeus' eagle

As she matured and became increasingly beautiful, Psyche also grew lonely and miserable - no one wanted to be friends with her as they were too threatened by her beauty, and no one dared to court or even flirt with her as the only love she could inspire in them was more of a hopeless infatuation for an unattainable idol. Her sisters, in particular, were so jealous of her that, while they gave the appearance of being nice to her, they said the meanest things about her behind her back and encouraged others to be mean as well.

Aphrodite ordered Eros to make her fall in love with a hideous creature, but he fell in love with her instead. So he married her but did not reveal his true identity to her. One day, she betrayed his trust and hurt him both physically and mentally. Eros, utterly betrayed, ran to his mom's house. Aphrodite in turn made Psyche complete several tasks while she was pregnant. After having proven her worth, Psyche was revived by Zeus and made an immortal goddess.

Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades


Eros, her husband

Cupid tells the story of Psyche to Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo while the two are at his palace. Nico goes through the story of Psyche herself when reveals he had a crush on Percy Jackson, even following Favonius.


  • She is the second known human to become a goddess by marrying a god, the first being Ariadne, who married Dionysus.
  • As seen in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Psyche understands human suffering better than any other god.
  • Percy speculates that the famous fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast is most likely based on the story of Psyche and Eros.
  • As seen in the chapter page and main picture images, Psyche was drawn as having blonde hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.
  • She was one of, if not the first, Greek heroes to go to the Underworld.
  • Her fatal flaw is insecurity.
  • Her Norse equivalent is Nanna, wife of Balder.