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The Quest for Buford was undertaken by Leo Valdez, Jason Grace, and Piper McLean to find Buford before the Argo II threatens to blow up and destroy the forest at Camp Half-Blood.


There is no formal prophecy given, but Leo explains that Buford, a temperamental walking table has fled from the cabin, taking along two syncopators vital to the ship's creation. If they do not retrieve him in a time the ship threatens to blow up.

The Quest

Leo issues a quest with Jason Grace and Piper McLean to find Buford the table. Buford took two syncopators vital to the ship's creation. Leo then reveals that a mixture of deadly fluids will mix in less than an hour and destroy the woods. Jason and Piper agree to help and the trio head into the forest. They soon reaching the site of the Battle of the Labyrinth. Maenads, followers of Dionysus, soon skip into the clearing and disturb a drakon. Before Jason or Piper could help, the Maenads ask the drakon if it's Dionysus. It answers by attacking, but the Maenads rip the drakon to shreds. They then discover the trio's location and ask Leo the same question. Leo states that he is the wine god, and tries fruitless efforts to escape, but to no avail. Slowly, the Maenads figure out the truth and order their deaths. The three barely manage to escape to the naiad's brook where Piper informs them that they can't kill the Maenads, because they'll be cursed by Dionysus. Leo and Piper successfully lead the Maenads to Bunker 9. Leo gives Piper a button and she climbs up the catwalks, trying to distract the vicious nymphs. Leo hastily puts together a trap, and sets himself as live bait as the Argo II threatens to explode in under twelve minutes. The Maenads regroup, but before they could attack, Leo tells Piper to push the button, and it unleashes a party, distracting the nymphs and successfully trapping them. Piper reunites with Leo as the timer reaches two minutes. Jason soon appears along with Buford and Leo frantically installs the syncopators into the Argo II. He reassures his friends and Buford that the Argo II would not be exploding. Jason and Piper promised Leo that they didn't tell anyone about the quest as Chiron and Argus come to collect the Maenads, informing the three that they had infiltrated Camp Half-Blood a previous time.