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The Quest for the Book of Ra was a quest undertaken by Sadie and Carter Kane with the intention of reuniting all three pieces of the Book of Ra in order to revive the sun god Ra.



Knowing that Apophis will eventually rise, Carter and Sadie begin looking for a way to revive the only god powerful enough to face him, Ra. Eventually, Horus informs Carter the first section of the Book of Ra, the key to completing this goal is at the Brooklyn Museum and has been for 30 years but will be shipped off in one day with the rest of its exhibit.

First Section

Needing to get the section of the Book before it gets shipped off, Carter gathers a team comprised of himself, Sadie, Walt Stone, Jaz and the baboon Khufu to raid the Brooklyn Museum after it has closed. However, they did not know there was a wedding going on but had no choice but to go on with the plan anyway. While Walt and Jaz cleared one window of spells and traps so they could get in safely, Carter, Sadie and Khufu climbed to the skylight on top of the museum roof, the only place not trapped and unlocked it so that they could take the statue of Khnum that was supposed to hold the Book with them. Carter and Sadie leave Khufu to open the skylight when its time to leave and rejoin Walt and Jaz. The group sneaks into the museum unnoticed and make their way to the exhibit room where they find the Khunum statue and prepare to try to levitate it out of the museum. However, Walt realizes that the scarab amulet part of the statue might be a clue so Sadie taps it with her wand and the first section of the Book is released. However, when Sadie grabs it, the Book is so sensitive after being in darkness for so long, that it lights itself on fire and activates every reservoir of Egyptian magic that is in the room, bringing to life the griffin later named Freak and activating curses on the windows that release seven bau known as the Arrows of Sekhmet. While Freak goes on a rampage, the bau infect Walt and Jaz uses up a lot of her energy saving him. The bau proceed to infect the wedding guests before Freak manages to eat and destroy one. Carter realizes that as the host of Horus he holds authority over Freak and manages to calm him down and get him under his control. Jaz, who is following the Path of Sekhmet as a healer decides to use her connection to the goddess to banish the bau back to the Duat despite it being dangerous for her in her weakened state. As Jaz casts the banishing spell, Apophis possesses one of the bau and taunts Carter about Zia's fate, threatening to kill her if he doesn't give up his quest. Carter scares the bau away with the Eye of Horus symbol and it and the other five are sucked into a vortex and banished, curing the guests. This leaves Jaz in an apparently permanent coma and the team escapes by turning Walt's boat amulet into a boat, tying it to Freak and having him fly them to Brooklyn House.

Second Section

While being attacked by Babi and Nekhbet, Sadie learns from Anubis that the second section of the Book is in St. Petersberg in the Hermitage Museum, the headquarters of the Eighteenth Nome and Vladimir Menshikov who is plotting to kill the Kanes. After meeting up with the dwarf god Bes, Sadie and Carter travel with him through a portal from London to St. Petersberg where they leave the god and enter the museum through the Duat. Looking for the entrance to the Eighteenth Nome, Carter puts up an imperfect invisibility shield around them and they find a gravestone that has a hidden door to the Nome. Opening it with the W'Peh spell causes a portal to open to Menshikov's study where they find him performing an execration on a demon named Death-to Corks in order to summon Set into a malachite vase to contain him. Sadie tests the magical defenses of Menshikov's desk where the scroll is with a shabti dog and finding none, opens the middle drawer and retrieves the scroll. However, before they can leave, Carter and Sadie are shocked to hear Menshikov asking Set for information of Apophis' prison so he can break it and information on the defenses of Brooklyn House so he can attack there. As Menshikov knows his secret name, Set has no choice but to tell Menshikov all he wants to know, but also reveals the presence of Carter and Sadie to him to try to force them to release him. Menshikov turns his staff into a tjesu heru snake and seeing no other choice, Sadie uses Ha-di to blast Set's vase to pieces and free him. Set refuses to harm the tjesu heru, but stays to fight Menshikov and hold him off as Carter and Sadie run. They make it to an exit and Carter manages to use the Fist of Horus to blast it open. The snake catches up with them outside and when Carter comes under attack from it, Sadie distracts it and manages to tap into Isis' power through the Path of the Gods for the first time and creates a tyet symbol that distracts it. Sadie then creates a protective circle and tells Carter to crawl to it while she detonates the symbol to blind and distract the snake, but a young Russian magician, Leonid arrives and creates confusion as he deals with the appearance of the snake and foreign magicians there. He hesitates in attacking upon learning that they are Kanes, but the tjesu heru attacked and Carter tackled it. However, the tjesu heru bit Carter, poisoning him and Sadie channeled all of her rage into a blast of energy from her staff that destroyed the tjesu heru, leaving behind a streak of sand and pieces of Menshikov's staff. Leonid runs away and with the help of Set, Sadie carries Carter to Bes' car. On the way, Set tells Sadie the poison is incurable and at the car offers a deal: his secret name in exchange for the location of the third scroll of the Book. After Bes confirms Set would know where it was, Sadie reluctantly agrees after giving Set one last order with his secret name to maintain a truce with her family at least until Ra has been awakened. Set agrees and tells them the location is the oasis of Baharyria which is highly protected and can't be reached by portal. Sadie gives Set back his name and he leaves while she, Bes and Carter flee in Bes' limo to Egyptian Bridge to open a portal to Alexandria, chased by Menshikov's men all the way. They manage to reach the bridge and open a portal, but a spear blows out a tire and the car goes through upside-down. Despite ending up underwater due to the portal's location, all three survive and Sadie is eventually able to heal Carter through a healing statue of him Jaz gave her and his secret name.

Third Section

After learning the location of the third section of the Book of Ra from Set, Sadie and Walt head out to Baharyia while Carter and Bes attempt to rescue Zia Rashid from the tomb Iskandar imprisoned her in for her own safety. After traveling as far as Alexandria via portal, the two continue their journey on normal means such as a bus and getting someone to drive them, though when that doesn't work out, they resort to camels. As they reach Baharyia, they are approached by Bast in the form of a battered stray cat and Bast informs them that Apophis intends to rise with Ra and consume him during the spring equinox. After they insist on continuing on with their plan, Bast informs them of a secret entrance to the catacombs at a date farm before leaving the cat. The two find the entrance and blast it open, causing a water tower to collapse. Starting a search of the catacombs, Sadie and Walt find the ghost of Mad Claude and offer to speak to Anubis about a way to free him and his friends if he helps them find the Book of Ra. Mad Claude leads them to the oldest section of the catacombs where they discover a statue of Ptah and a collapsed tunnel entrance that the Book of Ra reacts to, showing that the third section is behind it. After revealing that they have a netjeri blade, Mad Claude tries to get them to use it to free him and his friends and is furious and leaves when they don't. Remembering that Ptah is the God of Opening, Sadie and Walt try to summon them to help open the door to no effect, but realize that they need to use sympathetic magic to move the rocks. Binding the fallen rocks to a small pile of pebbles, Sadie and Walt are able to move the rocks by moving the pebbles and find the last section of the Book of Ra which they retrieve with no issues. However, as they make their way out, they are surrounded by an army of living mummies brought in by Mad Claude to force them to free their souls or die. Walt destroys one of the mummies with his death touch and desperate, although it could result in their deaths in such an enclosed space, the two decide to burn the mummies and run. However, an army of rats, under the control of Ptah, arrive and devour the mummies, destroying them and Mad Claude and setting their souls free. Ptah arrives possessing a date farmer and apologizes for taking so long, explaining that he had to come from the Duat and didn't want to open the door for them as he can only open one per person and he felt they had the opening well in hand. Ptah explains that Carter is in trouble and opens a portal for them to Carter and Bes before leaving the farmer. With Ptah gone and the farmer becoming threatening, Sadie and Walt travel through the portal.


Sadie and Walt arrive in time to rescue Carter and Bes from Michel Desjardins and Menshikov and they return to Cairo. There, Sadie puts the Book of Ra together and reads the instructions and at sunset on the equinox, Carter and Sadie travel to the Duat to follow Ra's nightly journey and use the Book of Ra to revive him.