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But I tell you, son of Frey: your high-handed bargaining will cost you dearly. You have made an enemy of Ran.

–Ran, to Magnus Chase in The Sword of Summer.

Ran is a Norse Goddess of the Sea. She is married to Aegir.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

When Sam and Magnus go fishing in Jotunheim and catch the World Serpent, Jormungand, the goddess then emerges from the sea and pleads with them to release the World Serpent. Magnus, however, agrees to do so only in exchange for Sumarbrander and one of Idunn's apples (both of which the Ran has in her net), much to the goddess' dismay. Ran loves scavenging for junk, ship wrecks and even the souls of the people who have died. She captures all of this in a monumental net that swirls around her constantly, trapping anything that comes near within it, only to come out if the net is cut, which is highly unlikely although Magnus does threaten to as a bargaining chip to force Ran into giving them Sumarbrander and of Idunn's apples of immortality. She envies the amount of junk which the Great Pacific Garbage Patch holds and wants it all to herself. As she says, Magnus has now made an enemy of Ran and will be no doubt stirring up trouble in the next few books. Although most of the content of her net is pure useless junk sometimes she does find extremely valuable things such as Sumarbrander and the apples of immortality occasionally. She gets very frustrated with her husband, Aegir, God of Alcohol, so naturally, he spends most of his time in the ale shop and not with Ran, his wife. He is randomly obsessed with micro brews and keeps going on about them, as the annoyed Ran says.

The Hammer of Thor

Magnus mentioned Ran and her husband when planning how to beat Loki to Naglfar with his cousin.


  • She once lent her net to Loki.
  • Magnus compared her to a bag lady.
  • Ran and her husband are among the few Norse Gods to be neither Aesir, nor Vanir and often regarded as Jotnar.
  • Her Graeco-Roman equivalent would be Tethys since she and her husband may be more Jötunn than gods.
  • Her names mean "Plunderer" or "Theft"; she and her husband are reputed to knock over ships and take their goods and treasures.


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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