The Ranks of the Magicians consist of five ranks: the Pharaoh, Chief Lector, Sem Priests, Scribes, and Initiates.


The head of the House of Life is the Pharaoh:

Known Pharaohs:

Chief Lector

The second in line for head of the House of Life is the Chief Lector, who have served as the pharaoh's head magician and right-hand man during ancient times.

Known Chief Lectors:

Sem Priests

Sem priests are senior magicians, the eldest and most powerful members of the House, they oversee the 360 nomes around the world and report to the Chief Lector.

Known Sem Priests:


Scribes are rank and file magicians. They are called scribes because writing is a form of magic, and a scribe in the House of Life has learned to summon magic simply by writing or saying magical words.

Known Scribes:


Initiates are magicians in training. 

Initiates in Brooklyn House:

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