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The rebels are a group of magicians who despise the fact that the Kanes are now in control of the House of Life. They begin forming in the end of The Throne of Fire and are very strong (strong enough to take on the House of Life) by The Serpent's Shadow. They were led by Sarah Jacobi and Kwai, who were actually in cahoots with Apophis. The rebels would attack and destroy Nomes loyal to the Kanes and blame it on the Kanes or the gods and managed to sway most of the Nomes to their sides. However, most were simply manipulated and not evil at all like their leaders and during the Battle of the Hall of Ages where the Kanes proved that Jacobi and Kwai were working with Apophis, they switched sides. After Walt Stone/Anubis killed Jacobi and Kwai, the rebels pledged allegiance to the new pharaoh Carter Kane and assisted in battling Apophis.