I am praetor of the legion. I judge this to be in the best interest of Rome.

–Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, in The House of Hades

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano[1] is a Roman demigod, the daughter of Bellona, younger sister of Hylla, and praetor of Camp Jupiter.



Bellona, her mother

Reyna and her older sister Hylla were born to the war goddess Bellona in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[1] They used to live at C.C.'s Spa and Resort run by Circe. Their home was destroyed during The Sea of Monsters by Blackbeard and his crew of pirates when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase accidentally transformed the pirates back into humans using Hermes' multivitamins.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Although not specifically mentioned by name, Reyna was one of the female attendants on Circe's Island. When Annabeth and Percy first arrived (as revealed in The Mark of Athena), she brushed Annabeth's hair and helped with her makeover. She was on Circe's island because her sister Hylla had wanted to protect her from war. Hylla however was one of the attendants that Percy and Annabeth met, who happens to have been the one carrying a clipboard. After Annabeth accidentally freed Blackbeard and his crew of pirates with Hermes' Multivitamins, they captured her and her sister until Reyna and Hylla managed to escape after learning how to fight. She is mentioned once by Percy when the later claims that Carter reminds him of her.

After Leaving Circe's Island

According to Reyna, the pirates destroyed the island and took revenge on Circe. Reyna and Hylla, being daughters of Bellona, learned to use weapons quickly and managed to escape from the island and the pirates after being held captive. Eventually, the two sisters went their separate ways. Hylla joined the Amazons and eventually became the Amazon Queen, while Reyna found Camp Jupiter, and eventually became a Praetor, along with Jason Grace for a time.

As Praetor, new arrivals of the camp are required to meet with her. During this time, Reyna and Jason started to form a close relationship, but Jason soon vanished, forcing Reyna to lead the camp by herself.

Between the Series

Shortly after the end of the Second Titan War, Nico di Angelo appeared before Reyna and asked her to allow Hazel Levesque to become part of the Legion, which Reyna accepted. Shortly after Jason's mysterious disappearance, Frank also meet with her and apologized for the acts of Shen Lun, his great-grandfather, who supposedly caused the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Reyna, however, told Frank to never mention to anyone who his great-grandfather was, but she let him into the camp.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

When parts of Jason's memory comes back to him, he remembers Reyna as someone really close to him and a good friend, which makes him question how he feels about Piper McLean.

It would have been around this time that Reyna was pestered by Octavian to hold elections for a new Praetor. She eventually agreed, but only at the Feast of Fortuna. While Octavian began to gain support using bribes and blackmail, Reyna started looking for a suitable substitute for Jason.

The Son of Neptune

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When Juno appeared in her true form and presented Percy Jackson as a son of Neptune to Camp Jupiter, Reyna was one of the campers in the area. Reyna sounded like she knew him somehow and looked at him as if she had seen him in her nightmares. She called herself the praetor of the Twelfth Legion and said that she didn't know him, which Percy believed was a lie but was unwilling to argue with her in front of her soldiers. She then orders Hazel Levesque to take him inside so she could interrogate him to find out if he was a new recruit, or an enemy to kill.

Before she interrogates him, she tells Percy that her dogs, Argentum and Aurum (Silver and Gold in Latin respectively), do not like liars. She finds it peculiar that Percy doesn't have any memory other than being trained at the Wolf House with Lupa. She then proceeds to interrogate him, noting that his arrival isn't exactly a good omen due to the fact that the Feast of Fortuna is coming up. Throughout the encounter, she implies that they have met. She then sends Percy to the augur, Octavian, to decide to either let him stay or kill him.

Later through the night, she officially makes Percy a probatio. She then announces that it's time to eat and then go and play the War Games. Reyna acts as the referee for the game, flying around on her Pegasus, Scipio. When the Fifth Cohort manages to break down the defensive teams walls (mostly thanks to Frank Zhang, Hazel, and Percy) and steal the symbol, Reyna calls the game in favor of the offensive team. Mars then appears on the field and congratulates Frank, claiming him as his son and ordering a quest for him. He then tells Reyna that he was the first person over the wall and should be given the Mural Crown.

The next day, Reyna is leading the Senate meeting to decide what supplies the quest members will receive. Octavian wants to give them nothing as the Giant Army is on the way, and he sees it as a suicide mission. Reyna allows them to use the Roman Navy for their trip to Alaska, which turns out to be a single ship called The Pax, but is unable to give them any other support. Before they leave, she talks to Percy alone and tells him about her past on Circe's Island and how her sister Hylla joined the Amazons. She gives him her ring and says that if he sees her sister, ask her for help.

Hazel and Percy later send Reyna an Iris Message to tell her that Polybotes is on his way. Hazel also jokes that she scared Reyna half to death as Reyna was in the bath at the time. Frank replies that he would have paid to see her face.

When Polybotes' army does arrive, Reyna is seen flying into battle on Scipio and destroying monsters. The Amazons arrive to help Camp Jupiter which overjoys Reyna. Once the battle is over, Percy is lifted into the air as the other campers chant "praetor," including Reyna who grasps his hand in congratulations. During the party to celebrate their victory, Reyna makes a speech welcoming the Amazons and gave her sister a big hug. She then congratulated Percy for becoming a praetor of the Twelfth Legion and gives him a purple toga and medal before removing his probatio neck plate and motions for Octavian to give Percy his SPQR tattoo.

The next day when Percy goes to tell the Senate about the Greek demigods arriving, Octavian wants to blast them out of the sky while Percy says they mean no harm. Reyna takes the middle ground and says she will allow them to land, but she tells everyone to stay on their guard in case it is a trick.

The Mark of Athena

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When the Argo II arrives at New Rome, Reyna, Octavian, and the seven demigods going on the quest get together to discuss the Prophecy of Seven. While talking and explaining their sides of the story (Jason talking about the quest to free Hera and Percy talking about his quest to free Thanatos), Reyna quickly discovers Jason and Piper's relationship, which Annabeth can tell made her very upset, but didn't show it. After Reyna allows Jason and Piper to tour the city, Reyna will not allow Percy to do the same with Annabeth, as she wants to talk to Annabeth Chase alone first.


Aurum and Argentum, her greyhounds

Reyna walks with Annabeth around New Rome, calling Argentum and Aurum to her. While she stops at one of the shops for some hot chocolate, she explains to Annabeth that Minerva takes her vow of chastity very seriously, not even having demigod children at all, unlike Athena. She also asks her if she understood how Athena changes, which Annabeth never considered. Reyna tells her that Athena in her Roman form of Minerva is not a war god, just the Goddess of Wisdom and Crafts. So even if the goddess did have Roman children, they would be artists or advisers. Reyna eventually takes Annabeth to her favorite spot in the city, the Garden of Bacchus. Here, Reyna asks to hear her side of the story to see if she can trust them or not. Annabeth told Reyna how she grew up, meeting Luke and Thalia Grace, her quests at Camp Half-Blood, and even about the camp itself, all of which Reyna listened to.

When Annabeth was finished, Reyna pointed to the shrine of Bellona and explained how when the Romans are at war, they place a spear in the plot of ground inside. Whenever the Romans felt threatened, they would invade anyone around them, including the Greeks. Annabeth tells her that it doesn't have to be that way and the two camps can work together, which Reyna would like as well, but has her doubts. She also gives Annabeth a warning, as she once before met a child of Athena who went to Rome on a quest. She remembered that he had washed up on Circe's Island in a crazed state. He talked about a Mark of Athena and a failed quest in Rome before Circe turned him into a guinea pig. While Reyna didn't know what it meant at the time, after hearing a prophecy by Ella earlier, she feels that it is somehow connected to an old legend passed down at Camp Jupiter involving Athena.

Before she can explain more, an explosion erupts in the forum where they were eating and Annabeth believes the giants are attacking again. Reyna however saw the shot being fired from the Argo II and thinks that the Greeks have betrayed them. Annabeth claims they haven't and is proven true when her dogs don't attack her. Reyna is still angry and feels that at least one of the crew members of the Argo II is a traitor. They both run back together to try and stop any bloodshed that could be caused by the fighting. After the legionnaires marched on the crew of the Argo II, Reyna ran toward them with her dogs.

After escaping, Octavian began to work the Legion into a frenzy and went on a war path against the Greeks with Reyna powerless to stop him. If she tried and stand in his way, he would claim she had gone soft. On board the Argo II, Piper considered turning back and explaining things to Reyna, but Annabeth says that without any proof or knowing what had actually caused Leo Valdez to fire on the Romans, they couldn't do much.

The crew of the Argo II are later attacked by the Roman Legion at Fort Sumter. While Annabeth manages to grab a map at the base, she is confronted by Reyna and her two dogs. Reyna tells Annabeth to come back to Camp Jupiter for trial, where she will be executed painfully, but her death could allow some kind of peace and would be better than the alternative. When Annabeth refuses, Reyna explains that she can no longer stop Octavian and that if Annabeth won't stand trial, Octavian will turn his attention on Camp Half-Blood instead. Annabeth tries to explain to her that if they find Athena Parthenos, they could somehow make peace, but Reyna no longer believes that such an outcome could be achieved. However, Reyna doesn't capture Annabeth and allows her to escape back to the ship, with Annabeth asking her to at least slow down Octavian to give them time. Before Reyna leaves, she tells Annabeth the next time they meet on the battle field, they would be enemies.

Reyna is later shown in Katoptris in a building in New York, along with Octavian and a few other Roman demigods. She is shown to be staring out the window as the others look at a map of Long Island, deciding on invasion routes.

The House of Hades

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Annabeth, while in Tartarus, has a dream of Reyna standing on Half-Blood Hill. Reyna speaks to Annabeth, but in Athena's voice: I must stand here. The Roman must bring me.  Annabeth believes that the Romans' leader returning the Athena Parthenos to the Greeks might be enough to heal the rift between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, and by extension stop the Greek and Roman sides of the gods' personalities from fighting over control.

Reyna later appears in Jason's vision, in which Grover Underwood and Rachel Elizabeth Dare meet with her and Octavian at Camp Jupiter's headquarters in New York. Despite Octavian's attempt to start a conflict, Reyna hears Grover and Rachel out for what they have to say. Rachel gives Reyna a note Annabeth had written and transported to Camp Half-Blood while trapped in Tartarus, which states that Reyna must be the one to deliver the Athena Parthenos. Rachel also reveals Reyna's full name, Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano (Grover notes that her initials are RA-RA which annoys her), to show her faith in what Reyna must do. Reyna agrees to do what Annabeth has written, but reminds Rachel and Grover that their camp still attacked Rome and declared war, and requests that they leave.

Reyna then prepares to depart for Greece to find Jason and the Argo II in a place where she knows Jason will stop, to Octavian's anger and shock. Knowing that she will be stripped of her praetorship for traveling across the Mare Nostrum and breaking the ancient laws, and that Octavian will be in charge as the Romans' augur, Reyna gives strict orders to Octavian and the legion's centurions not to attack Camp Half-Blood until her return; she departs shortly thereafter with Scipio. Shortly after she leaves, Octavian immediately states that there will be a change in the praetor's plans, and that they will move up their invasion of Camp Half-Blood.

Reyna reappears in a vision seen by Leo Valdez while he is on Ogygia, where she and Scipio are attacked by gryphons and venti while flying to Diocletian's Palace in Dalmatia.

A wounded and exhausted Reyna arrives at the Argo II while its crew is attempting to close the Doors of Death and rescue Percy and Annabeth at the House of Hades. Unfortunately, Scipio collapses from exhaustion and from the gryphons' poisoned talons. Reyna tearfully kills the Pegasus with her Imperial gold knife to put him out of his misery, and breaks down afterwards. She has dinner with the Argo II's crew, and she and Annabeth both joke about Percy and whether or not he would have survived Tartarus without her; she jokingly states that she doesn't think "Percy could find his way out of a paper bag" without Annabeth.

She is impressed at Percy and Annabeth's survival of Tartarus, although Percy is more impressed that Reyna made it all the way to Greece with only a Pegasus as her companion. Reyna initially believes that she will be stripped of her rank for breaking the laws of the legion, although Frank reassures her by saying that great leaders have to break laws and think outside the box, like Caesar when he crossed the rubicon. Reyna is proud when Jason informs her that he relinquished his praetorship to Frank, and believes that Frank is exactly the type of person she needs to help command the legion with. She also agrees with him when he states that their first order when they return should be to load Octavian into a catapult and launch him into the ocean.

Initially unsure of what to do to transport the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood, she, Nico di Angelo, and Coach Hedge eventually decide to shadow-travel back to Camp Half-Blood at several hundred-mile intervals, with her and Coach Hedge defending Nico from the monsters who will attack the Athena Parthenos as Nico rests himself to shadow-travel again. She, Nico, and Coach Hedge depart for Camp Half-Blood as the Argo II continues its voyage to Greece.

The Blood of Olympus

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Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Nico Di Angelo, and Coach Hedge head back to Camp Half-Blood with the Athena Parthenos in tow using Nico's shadow-travel. Nico struggles with shadow-travel, but is assisted by Reyna sharing her strength, a power granted by her mother, Bellona. After reaching Pompeii, Reyna learns from her dreams that they are being hunted by a giant. At Évora, they are attacked by Lycaon and his aides. They defeat him and shadow-travel to San Juan, Reyna's homeland. Reyna is captured by the Hunters of Artemis, led by Thalia Grace, who are working together with the Amazons, who are led by Reyna's sister, Hylla. The giant, revealed to be Orion, appears and massacres both the Hunters and the Amazons, but before he could reach Reyna, she, Nico, and Hedge shadow-travel to South Carolina. Reyna reveals her life before she and Hylla worked at Circe's island to Nico, but they were secretly being spied upon by Bryce Lawrence, an ruthless legacy who was once exiled from New Rome by Reyna before being reinstated by Octavian. He tries to execute Reyna for patricide when she reveals her "killing" her father's insane spirit, but is turned into a ghost by an angry Nico.

Arriving at Camp Half-Blood with the help of Pegasus and several of his brethren, like Blackjack and Guido, Nico and Hedge head out to the camp while Reyna lands on the yacht Mi Amor in Long Island Sound. She is confronted by Orion and manages to kill him with help of her mother, Bellona, and Athena, who grant her a magic cape that deflects Orion's arrows. Before the two camps are about to clash, Reyna reveals the Athena Parthenos, ending the warfare between the Greeks and Romans before it even starts. However, Gaea suddenly rises and begins to attack the camp.

After the seven are returned to camp, Piper and Jason are shown to fight alongside Reyna. She organizes the forces of the legion with Frank, the newly appointed Praetor, and charges into battle fighting herds of monsters and Gaea's minions. Reyna is seen befriending a new Pegasus, Guido, who is mentioned later to have adopted Reyna as his human.

After the battle is concluded, and Gaea is defeated, Romans and Greeks gather for a campfire the following night. The situation between the two camps finally concluded with peace and coexistence. Reyna promises Greeks a ton of parties saying that "We Romans invented parties." Finally, the night is concluded by Reyna telling the two camps about Nico's part in selflessly saving them, after which she brings Nico out of the shadows and gives him a big hug, and Nico tearfully returns it, burying his face in Reyna's shoulder. The crowd of demigods roars with approval in response, indicating that thanks to Reyna, both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have finally come to truly accept the son of Hades. Reyna also lets him know that he is always welcome to visit Camp Jupiter.

The following morning, before the Romans were set to leave, Piper and Reyna have a conversation relating to Reyna's love life, and how Reyna thinks that Venus had cursed her by not finding a demigod to heal her heart. Piper assures her that there is love out there for Reyna, and it might be a mortal or a god instead. This sparked a bond of friendship and family between the two girls, and Reyna shakes her hand before departing.


Reyna is a very strong-willed person. She is very strict with the members of the Twelfth Legion and doesn't like to be questioned. However, the reason she is so strict is because she is determined to protect her family after what happened on C.C.'s Spa and Resort. Because of her past, she does her best to be stoic, doesn't show any signs of weakness around others and keeps up her mature public image to keep up the moral of the camp. She feels that if she ever appears nervous or scared, her emotions will cause the camp to worry as well. Hence, even though she was very much changed by the Giant War at the end of The Blood of Olympus, her exterior doesn't show it, according to Piper.

Reyna is distrustful and dubious of new people or people she feels aren't honest with her, though she becomes slightly more relaxed and friendly with people she trusts and cares about. After Percy tells her his story and her dogs don't attack him (as he didn't lie), she tells him about her past and that she is worried about her sister. However, as Leo notes, Reyna isn't known for being a forgiving person, as she still dislikes him with a fierce passion, even though he didn't intentionally attack Camp Jupiter.

When Jason returns to Camp Jupiter with his girlfriend Piper, this hurts Reyna, but she does her best not show it. It isn't until the Argo II fires on Camp Jupiter that Reyna starts to lose hope. Having felt betrayed by Jason, refused by Percy, and leading the camp all by herself for so long, Reyna lost hope that anything could go right for her and felt completely alone. Outwardly, she still projects the image of a confident, fearless leader; internally, she is tired and weary, as noted by Jason during his vision of her meeting with Rachel and Grover. Despite her internal feelings, she still musters the courage to travel across the Mare Nostrum and retrieve the Athena Parthenos to save both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, while sacrificing her pegasus Scipio and potentially sacrificing her rank as well for the good of both camps.

Reyna has a softer side as well, and hates to see others experience internal turmoil, and was therefore determined to support Nico throughout their journey together, after feeling his tremendous internal pain. She is also very accepting of others, and, much to Nico's surprise, Reyna, while very surprised, doesn't judge him after finding out about his crush on Percy and seeing a horrifying display of Nico's rage. Reyna's unconditional acceptance was what most likely gave Nico the courage to finally come out to a very surprised Percy and Annabeth shortly thereafter. She also makes sure to acknowledge his role in saving both camps after Gaea's defeat, which helps Nico finally become accepted by them properly.

She hates people using her full name - "Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano". Jason said it once trying to pronounce it and Reyna shot him a murderous look.[1] She feels as if she left that name behind when she left Puerto Rico as a young girl, as it brings back too many unpleasant memories pertaining to her abusive father.


Percy describes Reyna in The Son of Neptune as being about sixteen, with piercing black eyes and glossy black hair worn in a single braid. She is often described as having a regal and beautiful face in Hispanic descent, and described as having a gaze as if she could take on any challenge. Percy also describes her as having the 'poise of a sword fighter' as if she was ready to spring in action at any moment. Like all the demigods in Camp Jupiter, she has SPQR branded on her forearm with four bar lines and a crossed sword and torch, the symbol of her mother Bellona. Being a praetor, Reyna wears a regal purple toga decorated with gold medals over her own Imperial Gold armor. In The Blood of Olympus, when Athena gifts her with a portion of her own Aegis, Reyna's purple cloak glitters "as if woven through with filaments of Imperial Gold."


General Abilities

  • ADHD: Like most demigods, Reyna possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that she uses to analyze the fighting style of her opponent.
  • Dyslexia: Reyna may be dyslexic, which makes her brain "hardwired" for Latin instead of modern languages.
  • Spanish: Reyna can fluently converse in Spanish, being Puerto Rican by birth.
  • Fighting Skills: As a daughter of Bellona, Reyna is naturally skilled in swordsmanship and in hand-to-hand combat. She is very proficient in fighting with her spear or knife and was able to hold her own against the Giant Polybotes, though with the help of Scipio. Reyna was skilled enough to fight off all the monsters across the Atlantic to the journey to the Mare Nostrum. From her time with pirates, Reyna noted that she learned several tricks from them, including fighting with two weapons when fending of an army of earthen ghosts. Her skill is such, that she was able to incapacitate Thalia Grace even while tied to a chair. When aided by the power of Athena and Bellona, Reyna ultimately defeated the very formidable Giant Orion. She has shown that she is skilled with a sword, a javelin, a dagger, and an expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Enhanced Strength: Being a demigod, Reyna is stronger than the average mortal as shown when she knocked aside Lycaon's overgrown wolves with ease with her knife.
  • Enhanced Agility: Being a demigod, Reyna is more agile than the average mortal as shown when she used her javelin to launch herself up like a pole-vaulter with ease, and flipped around Orion's bow.

Demigod Abilities

  • Telumkinesis: As a daughter of Bellona, Reyna is a natural weapons expert, understanding how to use weapons faster than most other demigods, and may have some degree of magical control over them.
  • Necromancy (limited): Being in the rank of Praetor, Reyna can control dead ghosts and skeletons of ancient Roman Legionnaires, as shown in The Blood of Olympus when she used them to help her, Nico, and Coach Hedge fending off earthen ghosts.
  • Empowerment: Reyna can share her strength and courage with others, as she does multiple times with Nico in The Blood of Olympus. But she does not like to do so, since Reyna feels they will think that she is controlling them. It is more effective in large groups. As a side-affect, she feels any emotions of those she grants strength to. Her tattoo glows and burns when she uses this ability.


Reyna's name in Spanish means "Queen", a possible nod to the fact that she is praetor of Camp Jupiter. Reyna's middle name, Avila, is rooted in the Ancient Germanic "avi". The exact meaning of "avi" is unknown, but a common possibility is "desired". "Ramirez" is Spanish for "son Ramiro". "Ramiro" is the Spanish form of Ramirus, a Latinized form of a Visigothic name derived from the Germanic elements "ragin" and "mari", which respectively mean "advice" and "famous".

Magical Items

  • Spear-Sword: Reyna has an Imperial gold spear as shown during the battle at Camp Jupiter and the Camp Jupiter brochure. It can alternate its form between a spear and a sword, at Reyna's will.
  • Dagger: Reyna also has an Imperial gold dagger that she shows Percy.
  • Silver Pocket Knife: A silver pocket knife which Reyna keeps at all times, in case of being attacked by werewolves.
  • Roman Legionnaire Armor.
  • Satchel: A satchel from the Hunters of Artemis, gifted to Reyna by the Hunter Phoebe. It contains healing potions, tranquilizer darts and a highly portable, well furnished tent.
  • Aegis Cloak: When Reyna proves her immense bravery against the Giant Orion, Athena enchants her regular cloak with invulnerability, making it glitter with power.

Magical Pets/Companions

  • Aurum: Reyna's gold automaton guard dog that appears whenever Reyna wishes to see if someone is lying.
  • Argentum: Reyna's silver automaton guard dog that appears whenever Reyna wishes to see if someone is lying.
  • Scipio: Reyna's pegasus that she rides in the battle at Camp Jupiter. It is nicknamed Skippy by the campers. (deceased)Scipio gets critically injured after a wild Gryphon attack in the House of Hades and Reyna kills the pegasus to put him out of his misery.
  • Guido: After being named Horse Friend by Lord Pegasus, his son Guido "adopts" Reyna.


Love Interests



Reyna has a somewhat difficult relationship with her sister Hylla, queen of the Amazons. They parted ways several years ago, when Hylla joined the Amazons and Reyna the Twelfth Legion. They often disagree, but still love each other very much, despite their many differences.




  • Her two dogs, Aurum and Argentum (gold and silver in Latin respectively) are similar to the ones given to King Alcinous of Phaeacia by Hephaestus in Greek mythology.
  • In her official portrait, there is writing engraved on a wall, "Iustitia Fundamentum Regni", which translates to "Justice is the foundation of a reign."
  • Reyna had the only Pegasus at Camp Jupiter, named Scipio. Scipio's nickname was Skippy, because he is the color of peanut butter.
  • In Reyna's portrait it can be seen that her hair is brown and is curled over her left shoulder, however in the book it is stated that she has black glossy hair kept in a single braid.
  • Prior to The House of Hades, Reyna has had more pets than any other character. However, with Scipio dead, she is now tied with Percy for having the most pets in the series.
  • Reyna's surname, Ramírez-Arellano, was revealed in The House of Hades.[2]
  • She may have her driver's license, as she is seen driving in The Mark of Athena. This makes her the second known demigod to drive; the first being Percy.
  • Reyna and her sister are the only known demigods born in Puerto Rico.
  • Reyna is similar to Annabeth Chase in several ways:
  • Reyna is similar to Thalia Grace in several ways:
  • Reyna is possibly the only known praetor not from the Fifth Cohort. The other known praetors - Michael Varus, Jason Grace, Percy Jackson, and Frank Zhang - have all been from the Fifth. However, it is unknown what cohort Reyna is from, but is unlikely that it is the Fifth.
  • Despite abandoning her camp to help the demigods in the Mediterranean Sea, she has been reinstated as praetor.
  • Renya's favorite treat from her childhood in San Juan was Piragua (syrup over cold ice).
  • Reyna's favorite drink is hot chocolate.


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