Reyna Brochure

Reyna wielding her spear in the Camp Jupiter brochure.

Reyna's spear is a javelin that Reyna uses in the battle against Polybotes at Camp Jupiter. It is made of Imperial Gold.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

During the battle against Polybotes at Camp Jupiter, Reyna mounts on Scipio, diving in with her javelin every time Polybotes directs his attention to the ground units.

The Mark of Athena

While the Romans attacked the Seven at a Confederate Fort, Reyna confronts Annabeth with her javelin in her hand and full Roman armor. She also has Aurum and Argentum by her side.

The Blood of Olympus

Much like Juno's gladius, Reyna's spear is shown to be able to change into a normal gladius and back again.

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