Rick Riordan Presents is an imprint series within Disney Publishing Worldwide. The series features books that are connected to ancient myths in the modern day, much like Rick Riordan's books.

Riordan had confirmed that the books were set in a distinct universe from his and he merely edited the books and wrote the introduction, for which he was paid a nominal fee by Disney. The series allows other authors to explore their cultural myths in the modern day and aims to bring them to the attention of Riordan's audience by being associated with his name.

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Rick Riordan was initially approached by Disney to create his own imprint series, which would be an extension of his Percy Jackson universe.[1] The author, who was writing on a deadline at the time, was too busy to consider the idea and did not respond.[1] After giving thought to the matter, he later reported that he agreed with the creation of an imprint series, however, it would not be an extension of his world, instead, the imprint's primary purpose would be to bring other aspiring writers to the attention of Riordan's audience by using his brand name.[1]

Selection Criteria

All the books in the imprint series are children's books that focus on mythology in the modern age. All submissions to Rick Riordan Presents are made through literary agents and sent to the attention of Stephanie Lurie, Riordan's editor. The final decision will be taken by Riordan, who will review proposals and manuscripts and also serve as editor for the acquired projects. The books and the authors will also be promoted by Riordan through his social media accounts and appearances.

The imprint hopes to publish 4 books per year. Currently, 2 books have been planned for release in 2018, and 5 in 2019, 4 in 2020 and 3 in 2021.


Pandava Quartet by Roshani Chokshi (Hindu Mythology)

Storm Runner series by Jennifer Cervantes (Mayan Mythology)

Sal & Gabi series by Carlos Hernandez (Cuban Mythology)

Tristain Strong series by Kwame Mbaliia (West African/African American Mythology)

Paola Santiago and the Drowned Palace series by Tehlor Kay Mejia (Mexican Mythology) 

Stand-alone novels


Pandava Quartet

Storm Runner series

Sal & Gabi series

Stand-alone novels


  • Rick Riordan Presents titles cover genres outside the Urban Fantasy of the Rick Riordan's main series: Dragon Pearl is a Space Opera and Sal and Gabi Break the Universe is Sci-Fi.
  • Riordan had once joked that he chose the first 3 authors of the series for 3 different reasons: Roshani Chokshi for his fans, who always asked him about stories based on Hindu mythology; Jennifer Cervantes, because her children loved his books; and Yoon Ha Lee because Riordan found a kindred spirit in him.[3]


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