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Gleeson Hedge

Gleeson Hedge is a middle aged satyr that was formerly filling as a coach at the Wilderness School. He was the protector of Piper McLean, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, and Clarisse La Rue. He is also the husband of Mellie and the father of their son, Chuck Hedge (likely named after Chuck Norris due to Gleeson's love of action movies).

Hedge is mentioned when the letter he had written on a maple leaf to Grover Underwood is read by Percy Jackson. Gleeson Hedge was in Canada at the time.

He had tried to defend a park in Toronto from a giant evil badger, but had failed to summon Pan's power as Grover had advised, resulting in many dryads being destroyed because their trees were obliterated. He wrote that he was retreating to Ottawa and asked where Grover was.

Gleeson Hedge appears as a coach for the Wilderness School, looking after the students on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. While scolding some of the kids, Leo Valdez asks him to use his megaphone, resulting in the megaphone making cow sounds, much to Gleeson's irritation. When they arrive at the Grand Canyon, Coach Hedge notices storm clouds rolling in and tells the class to finish their reports quickly. Jason Grace, who had no memory of his past, notices that Coach Hedge is the only one that isn't acting like he knows him (unlike everyone else who is under the effects of the Mist). When Jason walks up to him, Coach Hedge asks him if he caused the storm clouds and wonders why Jason is here, admitting that he has never seen Jason before and he just appeared today. He wonders if he is the "special package" mentioned by camp, as an extraction team is arriving to pick up two demigods (Leo Valdez and Piper McLean), but a monster has been stalking them for days.



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