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Vote for your featured wikian here! Here are some basic rules:

  • To nominate, simply write your nomination under the Nominees section and sign your posts with a ~~~. A nomination is equal to a vote, and it's one nomination per person. Also, make sure to ask the nominated person for permission first.
  • To vote, simply sign with #~~~~ under the nominees to symbolize your support. You can vote for as many as two nominees at a time. You can always change it at anytime, until the selection date (Last day of the preceded month).
  • Once a nominee is selected, we'll clear the nominees section to start a clear slate. You can nominate the same user again one month later, eg. unselected nominations in February may be repeated only from April. We call it a transition period.
  • The nominated user must have at least 100 edit count and no history of serious blocks.
  • A user may only be nominated if they have not won Featured Wikian before.
  • The Bureaucrat Hyperborean has the final say over the featured wikian in case of a tie.

April 2016