Roman War Games are played by the Roman demigods and legacies of Camp Jupiter, normally on the Field of Mars. While the Greeks have capture the flag, the Romans have war games.

Known Games

  • Deathball: Deathball is a game similar to Paintball. However, it is used with acid, poison, and fireballs as weapons.
  • Siege: Siege is similar to Capture the Flag. One team defends a fortress while another team attempts to breach the fort and seize the banners of the opposing team. The team attempting to breach the fortress has Hannibal the elephant on their team.
  • Gladiator Fighting: Frank Zhang mentions Gladiator Fighting along with Chariot Racing as one of Roman War games. It is possibly fighting in gladiator style.
  • Chariot Racing: Frank mentions Chariot Racing along with Gladiator Fighting as one of Roman War game. It is possibly a race with chariots.

The Heroes of Olympus

Frank Zhang

Frank, the person who is given the Mural Crown.

The Son of Neptune

When Percy Jackson is being shown around camp, Hazel Levesque points out the fort being built in the Field of Mars, and tells him that it only takes them a day to build one in preparation for the war games they have that night. When they explain the objective of the game is to capture the opposing teams symbol, Percy comments that it is like his favorite game, Capture the Flag. Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano uses her pegasus Skippy to act as a referee. The defending team is given the fort along with an arsenal of weapons, including water cannons, scorpion ballistae, and iron portcullis, while the attacking team gets Hannibal the war elephant. Percy, with the Fifth Cohort, helps his team to win. Frank is then crowned MVP and given the Mural Crown because he was the first person over the fort's wall, but partly because Mars told Reyna to do it as he was Mars' son.