Romance appears in several ways in The Kane Chronicles.  

Carter Kane and Zia Rashid

The Kane Chronicles, Book One The Red Pyramid02:01

The Kane Chronicles, Book One The Red Pyramid

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The Red Pyramid

Carter and Zia first meet at the British Museum. After the Rosetta Stone explodes she becomes Nephthys' host and is placed in a tomb while a shabti takes her place and bonds with Carter.When Carter finds out 'Zia' is a shabti and watches her crumbles to dust before his very eyes Carter gets very upset and distraught.


It says at the end of the book Carter is determined to find her and will not give up. Sadie also states in the throne of fire that Carter is convinced that Zia is not just a crush, Carter is convinced she is part of his destiny.

Carter kane

The Throne of Fire

Carter frees Zia from her tomb where she learns Iskandar has died. When Carter finds out that Zia does not trust him and does not remember who he is he gets unbelievably sad. When they are climbing up the pyramids at Giza Zia says to Carter she still needs time and that one day they could perhaps be closer but now she needs more time.She travels with Carter, Sadie, Walt and Bes. She decides to stay in the first Nome to help fight Apophis and gourd Ra on his sun boat.

The Serpent's Shadow

When Sadie and Zia are at Sunny Acres Carter arrives in Bloodstained Blade's boat. Zia goes with Carter to find the book of Thoth with the villainous Setne. When they exit the Duat they go to the serapeum where they face the Apos bull and Zia reveals that she is actually hosting Khepri, one of the manifestations of Ra. Because of the amount of power she uses Zia falls unconscious. Carter has to carry her back to the ship. When Setne hints she might die Carter swears that he will personally feed Setne's heart to Ammit the devoured. When Bloodstained Blade turns on them Zia wakes and saves Carter from a painful death by axe head. After defeating Bloodstained Blade they have a picnic on the deck where Zia kisses Carter on the lips. When Ra and Zia emerge from the body of Apophis Carter embraces Zia affectionately.After Defeating Apophis, Carter and Zia go on a date at the mall of America where they kiss.

Sadie Kane and Anubis

The Red Pyramid

Sadie first meet the death god when she and Carter went to Osiris' palace in the Duat. Anubis is puzzled and intrigued by her. After getting the feather of truth from him Anubis sends the Kane siblings to New Orleans. He later takes them to see their father and mother.

The Throne of Fire

Anubis gives Sadie a knife for the opening of the mouth ceremony for her birthday in London and kisses her. Sadie is in a bit of a romantic dilemma here because she has strong feelings about Anubis who has even kissed her, but also is attracted to Walt. When Sadie finds out that Walt will die she gets very distraught, which indicates she has a crush on Walt too.

The Serpent's Shadow

Anubis appears at the school dance to dance with Sadie before Shu comes to separate them. Later as Walt is dying she allows Walt to become his host, which shocks Sadie. At the end of the book they dance on the top of Brooklyn house.

Sadie Kane and Walt Stone

The Throne of Fire

At the start of the book Sadie catches Walt and Jaz together and Sadie gets suspicious and jealous. Even though Sadie has a crush on Anubis she still has strong feelings for Walt which are then magnified when she finds out that Walt is suffering from an ancient Egyptian curse. Walt then reveals that he has feelings for Sadie too. After this Sadie is determined to find a cure for Walt's curse despite Walt discouragingly telling her that no one has ever found a cure and that his death is inevitable. Sadie finds a new lead on this though when she finds out that Vladimir Menshikov, one of the priests of Amun-Ra, the very group of people that cursed Walt's ancestors, might have the remedy to cure Walt's curse. We have evidence of this because Menshikov reveals this at the end of the book at Apophis's prison that he knows the cure and tempts Sadie with it in return for Khepri, the last scarab beetle of Apophis's prison. After a mental battle Sadie declines the deal and calls Menshikov some very rude words.


The Serpent's Shadow

Sadie plans to go to her school dance with Walt but he can't because he is suffering from his curse. Later after catching Bes' shadow Walt starts to fall victim to the curse. But Anubis appears and allows Walt to become his host, preventing him from dying and shocking Sadie. After Apophis' defeat, they dance on top of Broklyn House. Near the end of the book Walt becomes Anubis' host. Now Sadie gets her wish. As Carter says in the book, it is perfect for Sadie because the boy she likes who is forbidden to see her is now flesh and blood and the other boy she likes is now flesh and blood. However, Sadie has a difficult time adjusting to this change and is very uneasy and shocked by the change. Later in the book, Sadie adapts to the change, as seen when Sadie and Walt/Anubis dance on the top of Brooklyn house after Apophis's defeat. To Sadie, Walt/Anubis looks like Walt in the mortal world and Anubis in the Duat.