Romance appears in several ways in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Halfborn Gunderson and Mallory Keen

The Sword of Summer

Mallory Keen has shown interest in the berserker. She was concerned for him during battle practice and blushed when she saw him in his underwear. She was deeply distraught when he almost died of his wounds. By the end of the book the two appear to have gotten together.

The Ship of the Dead

Mallory Keen and Halfborn display a strained relationship. They argue and call each other spiteful names. Thomas Jefferson Jr. states that it is difficult to have relationships when you're dead, because it will be last until Ragnarok.

Samirah al-Abbas and Amir Fadlan

The Sword of Summer

Sam and Amir are intended to marry each other. Sam has had a crush on Amir since she was twelve. When she was nervous when Magnus brought her to the food court at the transportation station and blushes when they were talking. She gets nervous when big boy holds him hostage. By the end of the book she starts to refer to him as her boyfriend.

The Hammer of Thor

Sam is taking flying lessons as a gift from the Fadlands. She blushes when Magnus teases her that the lesson are from Amir.

Gunilla and Unnamed Son of Loki

The Sword of Summer

Gunilla was mentioned to have been in a relationship with a son of Loki. But it was eventually found out that he was a spy for his father. The incident left her with a deep hatred for Loki and his children.

Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro

The Ship of the Dead

Alex and Magnus have shown a bit of attraction throughout the Hammer of Thor, but shared their first official kiss in Ship of the Dead. Their first kiss happened when they were traveling to Thunder Home, home of the giant Skadi, who divorced the sea god (Magnus' grandfather) nine days after their marriage. Their second kiss happened at the end of the book when Alex (in male form) came into Magnus' apartment in Vahalla at the end of the story.