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Sadie Kane is one of two protagonists in The Kane Chronicles, along with her older brother, Carter Kane. She is the youngest child of Julius and Ruby Kane and one of the most powerful descendants of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs to be born in centuries. She becomes the third-strongest magician in the world next to Carter and her Uncle Amos, although she is the strongest magician in terms of magic as she can speak the most number of Divine Words.


Sadie is the second child and only daughter of Julius and Ruby Kane in Los Angelos, California. On her sixth birthday she and Carter caused her cake to explode. Later that year her mother died keeping Apophis in the daut, her maternal grandparents blamed her father for their daughter's death. They won custody of Sadie in court while Julius kept custody of Carter. Sadie grew up as a London School girl and gained a British accent. Her father and brother were allowed to visit only twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

The Throne of Fire

The Serpent's Shadow


The Son of Sobek

Even though she doesn't make an appearance, she is mentioned several times by Carter.

The Staff of Serapis

After a dog statue comes to life while Cleo is examining it and flees Brooklyn House, Sadie chases it down, eventually arriving in the High Street Station where she finds Annabeth Chase on a subway train battling a two-headed monster. Sadie blasts the dog monster into the train and boards it where she and Annabeth briefly assess each other before Annabeth tells her to stop the dog monster from reaching the other monster. While Sadie is initially successful, the dog monster throws her off and the other one sends out a wave of energy that derails the train. Sadie is able to pull Annabeth to safety and capture the dog monster, but the other one gets away. Sadie is able to heal Annabeth's injuries with a healing potion Jaz gave her and the two explain their respective histories. Sadie is shocked to learn that Carter had fought a crocodile monster with Annabeth's boyfriend a few weeks before as Carter had mentioned the fight, but not the person he fought with. The two realize that the dog monster is actually a third piece of the two-headed monster and that it is trying to merge with its other part. Annabeth figures out that the monster is actually a scepter for a god she can't remember the name of that is both Greek and Egyptian. Sadie realizes the god is from Alexandria, the capital of Egypt when the Greeks ruled and they realize the monster is trying to reunite with its master. The dog monster breaks free and heads for a derelict apartment building that is surrounded by a storm that Sadie can only see through the Duat. After using a paste to show Annabeth what she sees, the two head to the building where they find the god, Serapis, cannibalizing the building to build something. As the staff monster starts to make its way up the maelstrom to Serapis, Sadie uses her staff and N'dah to give Annabeth a shield and orders her to distract Serapis while she stops the staff from reaching him. Sadie pulls out one of Walt's camel amulets, turns into a kite and flies into the maelstrom while also flying through the Duat to protect herself. After the maelstrom freezes due to Annabeth getting Serapis' attention, Sadie drops the amulet on the staff and activates it, causing the camel to pin the staff to the floor below. As Annabeth distracts Serapis, Sadie prepares a protective circle and a binding spell, but is shocked to learn that Setne is behind Serapis' awakening. Eventually, Sadie uses her tyet necklace to bind Serapis and tries to name him with the power of Isis, but he breaks free easily and crushes her ha-di spell with ease. Serapis reveals that Isis used to be his wife and he intends to use Sadie to draw her into the world so he can bind her to his servitude again while he destroys the rest of the gods. As he turns his staff on Sadie, causing her great pain, Annabeth distracts Serapis with a piece of plywood to the face, breaking his hold over her. Sadie uses two suh-fah spells to collapse the building on Serapis, but nearly burns up from using so much magic and has to be carried to safety by Annabeth. As the two try to figure out what to do, Annabeth discovers her magical Yankees cap has returned and teaches Sadie some Greek to confuse Serapis while she tries to destroy the dog's head on his staff. Sadie pretends to cast a death link on Serapis with a mixture of Greek, Egyptian and English magic words and distracts him as Annabeth works to invisibly reach the staff. Serapis eventually sees through the bluff, but Annabeth is able to destroy the dog's head on his staff, representing his future and with his future destroyed, so is Serapis. Recovering from the ordeal, Sadie's injuries are healed by a square of ambrosia and she explains Setne's history to Annabeth. The two realize that Setne set the whole thing up as a test of his new hybrid Greek-Egyptian magic and their capabilities and is going after the crown of Ptolemy to become a god. Both agree to look for the crown from their sides and exchange phone numbers to keep in touch before going their separate ways.

The Crown of Ptolemy

Sadie and her brother arrive on governor's island after Setne absorbs Wajet's essents. They predict that he headed to the southern part of the island. They formulate a plan involving combining Greek and Egyptian magic to stop Setne. The four managed to stop him from absorbing Nekbet but he still gets the crown. The four then make a plan involving Percy hosting the vulture goddess while Annabeth and the Kanes perform the spell. Sadie gives Annabeth her secret name so she can temporarily become an Egyptian magician. They manage to trap Setne in a snow globe. The four have lunch before the Kanes take the crown and Setne with them. Carter and Sadie transform in to a falcon and kite respectively and fly off.



Sadie's tyet amulet

Sadie is described as looking a lot like her mother and very little like her brother and father. She has fair skin, deep blue eyes, and a caramel hair that she usually puts bright colored streaks in. She is the same height as Carter (which he finds somewhat annoying). She always wears her combat boots, tattered jeans, and ear-buds. Sadie also typically wears a tyet amulet that she received from her father. Later, Isis leaves some of her essence in it and Sadie removes it to avoid using the power in it. She also wears the shen amulet that she received from Walt.


Sadie Kane is sarcastic, rebellious, and often baffles people with her sharp tongue and fierce nature. She's not afraid of breaking rules. She likes to tease her older brother, Carter, and often scoffs at her friends Liz and Emma for being boy-crazy, despite being somewhat "boy-crazy" herself. Sadie is also a fan of Adele. Sadie is also strong-minded and stubborn as much as she is caring and kind. Despite her aloof air, she loves her parents very much and wishes she had more time with them. She is also affectionate towards her cat, her friends, and her brother, even though she often calls him names. She likes chewing gum, something that helps her concentrate. It is also shown through her narrations that she has a crush on Anubis, the god of funerals.

In The Throne of Fire, she also likes Walt, a magician who's dying of a curse leaving her confused as both guys like her back but there are issues about her being with either. Her feelings also confuse her as both kiss her and she can't decide which she likes better. In The Serpent's Shadow, Walt becomes Anubis' first host, giving them a chance to both be with her without issues. This leaves her confused, but with the help of Carter and her mother, she realizes the opportunity this gives her and starts a relationship with both Walt and Anubis as they now share one body. She can also be shown as a caring person, often visiting Bes when he was in the nursing home during the events of The Serpent's Shadow, going as far to go on a mission to recover the sheut of Bes, so he could once again be the person he was; this also proves that Sadie can be determined if she wants to, especially if it is for a friend.


Sadie is, after her uncle and brother, the third strongest magician.


Divine Words: Sadie is well versed in Divine words. When said they appear gold in color. She can also translate hieroglyphs with ease. As she did when her father freed the children of Nut and Geb from the Rosetta Stone.

Path of Isis

Elemental magic: As she has hosted Isis, Sadie is skilled in elemental magic.

Kite Transform: As Isis' former host, Sadie has the ability to turn into a kite.

Tools and Items

Tools of a Magician: Sadie posesees a toolkit including:

  • A staff used as an offensive weapon.
    • A wand used as a defensive weapon.


  • Sadie's birthday is March 17th.
  • In the epilogue of the graphic novel adaptation of The Red Pyramid, she is seen wearing a camp half-blood t-shirt.
  • In The Survival guide, Sadie states that she likes to skateboard and roller blade with Liz and Emma in London. In Brooklyn she plays basketball with Kufu and goes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.
  • She carries around chewing gum with her to help her concentrate.
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