Pan, the god whom the searchers are looking for.

A searcher is a satyr with the permission of the Council of Cloven Elders to search for the lost nature god Pan. In order to get a searcher's license, satyrs are required to be Keepers first and succeed in bringing half-bloods safely to camp. After that, in order to obtain the license, a request has to be made and be approved by the Council of Cloven Elders.


A searcher's mission is to look for Pan, the god of nature and the wild. Almost all of them failed in doing their job because of Polyphemus' island, which attracted satyrs thanks to the Golden Fleece's magic which greatly resembled the power of Pan (as they both enhanced nature). Like all of other searchers, Grover went to the island and became trapped though he kept himself alive by pretending to be a female Cyclops. With the help of an empathy link, he managed to convey what happened to him to Percy Jackson and he, Annabeth Chase, Tyson and Clarisse La Rue rescued him and recovered the Golden Fleece during the Quest for the Golden Fleece. Without the Fleece drawing searchers in the wrong direction, the way was opened to find Pan for real and Grover was rewarded for his actions in doing so and being the first searcher to actually return from the quest.


Grover Underwood, a searcher

Successful Searchers

The only searcher to find Pan was Grover Underwood, who found Pan in Pan's Cave due to the Labyrinth leading him there. Pan faded after passing his wisdom to Grover, Annabeth Chase, Tyson, Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare and passed some of his power to Grover. However, the Council of Cloven Elders did not recognize the knowledge as legitimate, being in denial about Pan's death. Later, however, they did eventually accept it and assigned Grover as the new Lord of the Wild to replace Pan after the Battle of Manhattan.


They are dismissed, due to the passing of Pan.

Known Searchers