Pan, the subject of the search.

A Searcher's License is a license to search for the nature god Pan. It can only be issued to Satyrs. Known searchers included Grover Underwood and his father. Searcher's Licenses were discontinued after all satyrs acknowledged that Pan had faded.

Getting a Searcher's License

To get a searcher's license, a satyr must succeed at being a Keeper. Once the Council of Cloven Elders agree, a satyr can receive a searcher's license. Some ways to succeed at being a Keeper are to retrieve a demigod safely to camp, or to go on a quest that succeeded.

Losing a Searcher's License

If little to no progress is made by a searcher in locating the god Pan, the Council of Cloven Elders can vote on whether or not the searcher can keep their license. Also, a searcher can lose their license even if they have made progress in finding Pan, as shown when Grover felt the presence of Pan and received a gift of the wild. Losing a searcher's license is considered a great dishonor to a satyr.

Satyrs Known to Have a searcher's license