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The Second Giant War was a series events relating to the rise of Gaea and her children, the giants. Like its predecessor, the Second Giant War was fought between the Olympians and the giants, with the Prophecy of Seven being its focal point.

First Giant War

In ancient times, the giants rose from Tartarus to fight and destroy the gods. The giants were blessed that they could only be killed by a mortal and an immortal working together. The giants were formidable foes. The gods initially struggled against the giants, with Zeus even becoming afraid of the enemies. Later, with the help of Heracles and Dionysus, the strongest mortal heroes of the time, the gods were able to kill all the giants.

The Rise of Gaea

World War II

While the gods were fighting among themselves during World War II, Gaea used this as an opportunity to overthrow the Olympians by reviving the giants. She appeared to Marie Levesque, a lover of Pluto, and lured the woman to Alaska with her daughter Hazel. Now beyond the power of the gods, Gaea began possessing Marie and forced Hazel to revive Alcyoneus by calling up riches from the earth. On the night that Alcyoneus was supposed to rise on a phantom island, Hazel sacrificed herself and her mother to delay the giant's rise by destroying the island.

Eventually, Gaea also learned of the individuals who would be a part of the Prophecy of Seven. While Hera tried to bring the seven together, Gaea tried to break their spirits. She learned of Leo Valdez's role in the prophecy from Medea, a sorceress with the ability to see the future. When Leo was still a child, she trapped his mother inside a factory and approached Leo. Leo tried to protect his mother using his fire abilities, but it caused the entire warehouse to go up in flames, resulting in the death of his mother. Gaea remained mostly silent after this, staying quiet as the Titans began to rise during the Second Titan War.

Gaea's Stirring


Gaea, protogenos of the earth

The events of the Second Titan War and the Great Stirring cause Gaea to reawaken once more. She begins reviving the giants to oppose the gods once more, and has Alcyoneus chain Thanatos in Alaska, thereby giving monsters the ability to reform much quicker upon death. In Thanatos' absence, Gaea takes control of the Doors of Death, allowing any deceased soul or monster allied with her to return to the mortal world and serve her cause.

The goddess of snow, Khione, also joins Gaea and uses her charmspeak ability to convince Zeus to close Olympus off from the world, thereby leaving the demigods on their own to face the giants.

Second Giant War

Freeing Hera

Khione then used her charmspeak ability to lure Hera into the Wolf House where she was trapped in a cage by Gaea giving her a choice. She could either marry Gaea's son Porphyrion or let the earth consume her life. Desperate, Hera sends a signal to the demigod Annabeth Chase and told her to go to the Grand Canyon and the boy who had a missing shoe will be her boyfriend Percy Jackson. However, when she arrives, she finds the demigod Jason Grace instead. Annabeth is furious and questions Jason and his friends on where Percy was and Jason and his friends had no idea on what she was talking about. So Annabeth and Butch takes Jason and his friends to Camp Half Blood. Later, Hera gives Jason another call when he was in the Big House in Camp Half Blood. She says that Jason must free her before the winter solstice which was in four days otherwise it would be over. Hera also appears to Leo Valdez and Piper Mclean as well.

On their quest they encountered several minions of Gaea. The Cyclops', Ma Gasket and her sons, Sump and Torque, tried to the demigods with salsa. Leo killed them but they were quickly coming back to life. After that they encountered Medea who Piper defeated and they rescued Gleeson Hedge. Then the crash landed near King Midas' and Jason fought his son, Lityerses. After that the group was ambushed by Lycaon and his wolves but were saved by Jason's sister Thalia Grace. The group rescues Piper's father, Tristan McLean from Enceladus.


Khione, princess of snow.

Finally, when Jason, Piper and Leo go on a quest to free Hera, they find her in the Wolf House where the Hunters of Artemis were fending off monsters such as Earthborn and storm spirits. Suddenly, Khione the snow goddess appears and freezes the Hunters. Jason jumps onto a storm spirit called Tempest and uses him to destroy most other storm spirits while he smacks some of the wolves on the head with a wooden board. Leo fends off Khione forcing her to retreat while Piper takes care of the Earthborn. However, before Hera could be freed, Porphyrion gets free from his cage. Jason fights him while Piper charmspeaks Gaea to sleep and Leo frees Hera. Jason was about to get killed by Porphyrion but Leo and Piper freed Hera in time who unleashes her divine form forcing Porphyrion to retreat and extinguishing all the monsters. However, Jason saw her divine form and nearly got killed but Piper charmspoke him back to life. After that, The Hunters of Artemis go away while Hera uses her power to send Jason, Piper and Leo back to Camp Half Blood.

Releasing Thanatos

Meanwhile, Percy had been transferred to Camp Jupiter for a "trade" according to Hera. He is pursued by the gorgons Stheno and Euryale who believe that he had killed their sister Medusa despite Percy saying he couldn't remember anything at all. Percy is rescued by Frank and Hazel who take him to Camp Jupiter after he destroyed the gorgons. Juno then appears to them and told them that Percy was very special and that an army will be invading Camp Jupiter by the Feast of Spes. Reyna the praetor accepts him into Camp despite the fact that it looked like she wanted to run him through with a sword. Percy is recruited into the Fifth Cohort which at the time was the worst cohort to join. Percy gets a tour around Camp by Hazel and meets Octavian, the augur who blackmails Hazel into voting for him to become praetor as the previous praetor, Jason Grace had disappeared. Octavian also believes that Percy is a graecus or Greek and believes that he is a spy for Gaea.

Later that night, Camp Jupiter participates in the War Games and surprisingly, the Fifth Cohort wins and manages to capture the other cohort's banners first. However, Gwen is stabbed in the back, presumably by Octavian after the War Games. However, Gwen somehow revives and Mars appears, saying that Thanatos had been captured by Alcyoneus the eldest giant. He says that with Thanatos, the god of death captured, monsters will not be confined to Tartarus and Gaea will also allow mortal enemies of the gods to come back to life. He announces a quest to free Thanatos and chooses his son Frank as the leader. He also says that Percy must go on the quest and allows Frank to choose the other participant. Frank chooses Hazel.

The next day, Camp Jupiter has a brief meeting before Frank, Percy and Hazel set off. Octavian provides them with a small ship to travel with. The trio set off and travel several hundred miles before night falls and Hazel passes out. The trio settles down and encounter the monster army which was invading Camp Jupiter led by the giant Polybotes. Percy, Frank and Hazel manage to remain unseen but Percy becomes sickened at the sight of Polybotes due to the fact that Polybotes was the bane of his own father. After the army disappears, Frank and Hazel settle down at a small shop to cure Percy. However, Polybotes had dropped down several basilisks. Frank engages the snakes while Percy and Hazel hurries to the shop. Frank manages to escape but his bow had been disintegrated. In the shop, the trio encounter Iris, the goddess of the rainbow who manages to cure Percy. She tells Frank about his family gift but Frank doesn't understand. He also tells Frank to seek out the seer Phineas as he can tell them about the quest.


Alcyoneus, giant of the undead.

When they get out of the shop, Frank manages to defeat the basilisks and the goes to Portland to find Phineas. However, the seer refuses to give them the information they need unless they give him the red Harpy Ella. Percy bets then bets with him to drink Gorgon's blood. If Phineas wins, he gets his eyesight back. If he doesn't he needs to give Percy the location of Alcyoneus's layer. Phineas ultimately loses and Percy Frank and Hazel get the information they want.

Percy then seeks out Reyna's sister Hylla Ramírez-Arellano who is the queen of the Amazons. It is here revealed that Reyna and Hylla's home was destroyed by Percy in The Sea of Monsters. Hylla throws Percy and Frank into prison and Hazel pleads for her to help Camp Jupiter. Hylla explains to Hazel that Gaea had brought the former queen of Amazons, Otrera back to retake the Amazons and drive them into war with the demigods.

Hazel manages to convince Hylla to help her escape and she manages get Frank and Percy out of prison with the help of Arion, the fastest horse in the world. Hazel Frank and Percy continue travelling on Arion until the horse gets tired. Frank realises that this is near his grandma's home so the trio goes there in hope of food and a place to sleep. However, the house is surrounded by Laistrygonian Giants. Frank with the help of his spartus Grey, who was a gift from Mars, Franks's father manages to defeat a few giants and cut through to the house.

Frank met his dying grandmother and his father Mars who both told him about his family gift and how it is his only chance of survival. The next morning, Frank, Hazel and Percy manage to escape but Frank's grandmother is presumably killed.

Frank Hazel and Percy then travel to Alaska to find Thanatos. The trio manage to defeat Alcyoneus who was guarding Thanatos with the help of Frank's family gift. They are then able to return back to Camp Jupiter in time to save it from the invaders. Percy then becomes praetor because he defeated Polybotes and saved the demigod camp.

Finding the Athena Parthenos

When the people of Camp Half-Blood arrived at Camp Jupiter things seemed to go well. Until Leo fired at the camp due to being possessed by an eidolon. Now the camps are going to go to war and the gods are split between their Roman and Greek counterparts. Annabeth figures out that she needs to find the Athena Parthenos to unite the camp.

Meanwhile, Ephialtes and Otis have kidnapped Nico di Angelo in a jar because he knows about the Doors of Death. After a while, the ship was attacked by Chrysaor and his dolphin warriors. They manage to defeat them by using the trickery of Frank and Dionysus.


Arache, spider weaver.

Annabeth followed The Mark of Athena to Rome, where she found the statue guarded by Arachne. She managed to trick the monster into sewing chinese finger trap all while she had a broken leg. At the same time, Jason and Percy managed to defeat Otis and Ephialtes in the Colloseum and Bacchus finished them off. But when Percy reunited with Annabeth, they both fell into Tartarus, but this was actually good because they can close the Doors of Death.

Closing the Doors of Death

Tartarus face

Tartarus, protogenos of the pit

Final Battle


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