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The Second Giant War was a series events relating to the rise of Gaea and her children, the giants. Like its predecessor, the Second Giant War was fought between the Olympians and the giants, with the Prophecy of Seven being its focal point.


Before the War

While the gods were fighting among themselves during World War II, Gaea used this as an opportunity to once again usurp the Olympians by raising the giants to oppose them. She appeared to Marie Levesque, a lover of Pluto, and lured the woman to Alaska with her daughter Hazel. Now beyond the power of the gods, Gaea began possessing Marie and forced Hazel to revive Alcyoneus by calling up riches from the earth. On the night that Alcyoneus was supposed to rise on a phantom island, Hazel sacrificed herself and her mother to delay the giant's rise by destroying the island.

Eventually, Gaea also learned of the individuals who would be a part of the Prophecy of Seven. While Hera tried to bring the seven together, Gaea tried to break their spirits. She learned of Leo Valdez's role in the prophecy from Medea, a sorceress with the ability to see the future. When Leo was still a child, she trapped his mother inside a factory and approached Leo. Leo tried to protect his mother using his fire abilities, but it caused the entire warehouse to go up in flames, resulting in the death of his mother. Gaea remained mostly silent after this, staying quiet as the Titans began to rise during the Second Titan War.

Gaea's Stirring


Gaea, protogenos of the earth

The events of the Second Titan War and the Great Stirring cause Gaea to reawaken once more. She begins reviving the giants to oppose the gods once more, and has Alcyoneus chain Thanatos in Alaska, thereby giving monsters the ability to reform much quicker upon death. In Thanatos' absence, Gaea takes control of the Doors of Death, allowing any deceased soul or monster allied with her to return to the mortal world and serve her cause.

The goddess of snow, Khione, also joins Gaea and uses her charmspeak ability to convince Zeus to close Olympus off from the world, thereby leaving the demigods on their own to face the giants.

Freeing Hera

Releasing Thanatos

Finding the Athena Parthenos

Closing the Doors of Death

Final Battle


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