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A Senior Counsel is a meeting of the Head Counselors of Camp Half-Blood. The subjects they talk about include wars, prophecies, and quests. They are generally held around Mr. D's ping pong table in the Rec Room. Camp Jupiter's senate debates are similar to a senior counsel.


Camp Staff:

Cabin 1 : Zeus

Cabin 3: Poseidon

Cabin 4: Demeter

Cabin 5: Ares

Cabin 6: Athena

Cabin 7: Apollo

Cabin 8: Artemis

Cabin 9: Hephaestus

Cabin 10: Aphrodite

Cabin 11: Hermes

Cabin 12: Dionysus

Cabin 13: Hades

Cabin 14: Iris

Cabin 15: Hypnos

Cabin 16: Nemesis

  • Unknown

Cabin 17: Nike

  • Unknown

Cabin 18: Hebe

  • Unknown

Cabin 19: Tyche

  • Unknown

Cabin 20 : Hecate

Other Members: