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Serpopards, or Longnecks, are controlled creatures of chaos.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Serpopards GN

Depicted in the graphic novel.

Shortly after Sadie and Carter move in with their Uncle Amos, two serpopards sent by Set to attack Philip of Macedonia, Sadie, Carter, and Khufu. They manage to defeat Phillip and Khufu, but are shortly after defeated by Bast. During this battle, two serpopards blast Muffin (Bast had not yet revealed her true identity) and she turns into Bast. She sheathes her knives and allows Carter and Sadie to escape Brooklyn House.


Serpopards are half serpent and half leopard; they have the body of a leopard and the neck and head of a serpent. Their necks are elongated and scaly. They possess a forked tongue.


They have the ability to spit poison. They are tremendously strong.

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