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Shezmu is the Egyptian god of blood, wine, perfume and the slaughterer servant of Osiris. Like many of the gods of Ancient Egypt, Shezmu was of a complex nature. He had qualities of both light and darkness, but this was not the reason that he was known as a 'demon'. To the Egyptians, demons were not necessarily evil in nature. Often they were quite helpful. Instead, the term demon was given to Shezmu because he was one of the lesser deities, and due to his relation to the underworld.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Shezmu stops the Egyptian Queen from entering the Land of the Dead. He says Sadie must name his secret name. He accidentally tells her as they talk, revealing that it is "Slaughterer of Souls; Fierce of Face". He also gives Carter a free perfume sample by command of Sadie (because she has control of him now due to her knowing his secret name), which Carter doesn't appreciate and presumably is still confused about.


Shezmu is very proud and boasting, tending to show off a lot. He is shown as gullible and not very smart, as he reveals his secret name to Sadie without even realizing. Being the Lord of Perfume, Shezmu carries around free samples of a perfume he calls Eternity.


He appears as a giant, bare chested and humanoid with purplish skin. He wears a rope belt around his waist with pouches, demon heads, and other accessories. Sadie describes his head as a strange combination of lion and human. He has gold eyes, a black mane done in dreadlocks, a blood-splattered feline mouth, bristly whiskers, and razor-sharp fangs.

The Kane Chronicles
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