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Aphrodite, who is the mother of all Cabin 10 members.

The Shoes of Shame were shoes that Drew Tanaka, the former head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin, would make her fellow cabin-mates and half-siblings wear as a punishment for disobeying her orders or doing something wrong. They sat on a black shelf mounted in the corner of the room like an altar.

When Piper McLean took control of the cabin, the shoes were abolished, along with a lot of Drew’s other rules.


The Shoes of Shame are described as being ugly, bright white orthopedic nurse's shoes with thick soles that "don't go with anything." Aphrodite's children are always fashionable, so this is evidently a bad punishment by their standards. They were said to be so horrible, that it would be a shame to allow another to see them in them.

Known Victims

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