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The Silver bow is the primary weapon of the Hunters of Artemis. Artemis uses a similar weapon, but it is much more powerful. One was found by Bianca di Angelo in the Junkyard of the Gods, while in the form of a hair clip. It was not mentioned how it was cursed, but it was not the reason for Talos' awakening. Bianca had grabbed a Mythomagic statue of Hades instead, intended to be a gift for her younger brother, Nico.

Artemis, owner of the Silver Bow.


The silver bows vanish when they aren't needed and reappear once they are. They are also magically strong and springy, but can still be broken as seen in The Last Olympian. Likewise it's possible for the quivers to ran out of arrows, as did Thalia did in The Lost Hero. As with all things used by the Hunters, the bows look silver. It is unknown if the bows are made from some kind of special form of silver as silver is not listed as a precious metal when describing the different kinds. While the silver arrows are able to kill lycanthropes, regular silver shouldn't work on monsters.

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