Skull Eater was a Laistrygonian giant infiltrated Percy Jackson's school at the time, posing as visitors from Detroit in The Sea of Monsters.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

While undercover as visitors from Detroit, they joined a dodgeball game after being recruited by Percy's bully Matt Sloan. During the game they transformed into Laistrygonians and attempted to kill Percy with flaming celestial bronze balls. Skull Eater participated in the fight and was one of the more lethal giants. He would have succeeded in killing Percy had Tyson not interfered with their attack. Being a Cyclops, Tyson was able to block the flaming dodgeballs Skull Eater tossed and was even able to start redirecting their blasts. This resulted in Marrow Sucker's demise. Skull Eater was able to continue fighting until Tyson punched him in the face which presumably is what caused him to disintegrate and go to Tartarus. This makes Skull Eater the second of the three named giants to die in the battle.

Laistrygonian Giant

Skull Eater's fellow Laistrygonian, Joe Bob.

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