I will call him Small Bob. He is a good monster.

Iapetus about Small Bob, shortly after meeting him

Small Bob is a spartus, created from the teeth of a saber-tooth tiger. He was destroyed by the Titan Atlas and sent to Tartarus to regenerate. He was found by Atlas's father Iapetus, now known as Bob. The Titan of the West claimed him and named him after himself. He fought with Bob against Tartarus and the army of soon-to-be revived monsters.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Percy: I know that kitten. It's one of the ones from the Smithsonian.
Annabeth: That's
one of them? How did it get here?
Percy: Atlas told his servants to take the kittens away. Maybe they destroyed the cats and they were reborn in Tartarus? I don't know.

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, about Small Bob

In the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Titan General Atlas infiltrated the museum with subordinates demigod Luke Castellan and manticore Dr. Thorn. He instructed his mortal mercenaries to bring him dinosaur (actually dragon) teeth from which he would grow an army of skeleton warriors. However, the mortals erred and instead brought him the teeth of a saber-tooth tiger. To Atlas's indignation, an army of saber-tooth tiger cubs were grown. Chaos broke out and mortals saw a crazed scene of cats in the museum. Furious, the Titan ordered the mercenaries to dispose of them. The tigers were destroyed and sent to Tartarus.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

After tumbling into Tartarus, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson with the Titan Iapetus, now known as Bob found a small cat when walking through the abyss. Percy remembered that it was one of the saber-tooth tiger cubs, hypothesizing that Atlas might have had them killed as a reason for the spartus's presence there. Bob grew attached to the kitten, naming him Small Bob after himself. Small Bob began assisting Bob and his friends as they battled the children of Tartarus.

When they reached the Doors of Death at the heart of Tartarus, Small Bob assumed his true form as an adult saber-toothed tiger and defended Bob as he is fought his stepfather Tartarus, the deity of the abyss. He also protected the Titan while he held the button of the Doors, helping Percy and Annabeth escape from the depths of Tartarus.

His fate afterwards is currently unknown but like Bob and Damasen, he was presumably destroyed by Tartarus for his actions.


  • The pairing of Iapetus and Small Bob is fitting, as both were once (or, in Small Bob's case, were going to be) enemies of the Olympians. Together, they ended up helping the gods in their war with Gaea.
  • Ironically, it was Iapetus's son Atlas who created Small Bob to destroy the gods, something the Titan of the West once planned to do in his attempted mutiny against Hades. Instead, both Small Bob and "original" Bob helped save the gods.
  • Small Bob has the longest gap between the time he was first introduced and the next time he appears in the series, as he appeared in The Titan's Curse, but didn't appear again until The House of Hades, a six book gap. The only other character with a similar gap is Hylla, with a five book gap from The Sea of Monsters to The Son of Neptune.
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