Apollo of the sun

Apollo, the granter of the Sonic Arrows.

Loud music can be bad for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't always kill.

Michael Yew on Sonic Arrows, The Last Olympian

Sonic Arrows are gifts to the demigods of the Apollo cabin from their father, Apollo. Sonic Arrows blasts very loud music when they are shot.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

Michael Yew, the leader of the Apollo Cabin at the time, used sonic arrows against Kronos' army on the Williamsburg Bridge in the Battle of Manhattan. He fired it at the front lines and it made a screeching sound until it landed, sending a blast wave of sound that caused cars to explode and monsters to run around with their hands over their ears, except the monsters that were instantly turned to dust. Michael mentioned to Percy Jackson that the sonic arrows were given as a gift to him by his father, Apollo.


During the Battle of Manhattan, it is inferred that the arrows look like normal arrows. However, when fired these arrows emit a screaming sound.


Sonic arrows make a screaming noise as they are shot and when they land, they unleash a loud blast. Percy Jackson describes it as sounding like a power chord on an electric guitar, magnified through the world's largest speakers. They are very useful in battle, because besides killing or maiming enemies, they also confuse and disorient them. However, they are not always lethal. The only known user is Michael Yew. They can only kill weaker monsters; other monsters and demigods are just temporarily stunned. They can also, when used repetitively at the same area, cause damage to this area, in some cases causing it to collapse or break.

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