Sunny Acres Assisted-Living Community is a retirement home for the gods located in the Fourth House of the Night in the Duat.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

It houses forgotten Egyptian gods (such as Fire-Embracer and Hot Foot, who are rehabilitated to their former positions in The Serpent's Shadow) which are being taken care of by Tawaret. Sadie Kane says that she doesn't like "old people places" like Sunny Acres. Carter Kane and Sadie come there and meet Tawaret. Tawaret helps them on their quest to revive Ra. They eventually find him and leave Sunny Acres.

The Serpent's Shadow

The old and forgotten gods of Sunny Acres help the Kanes battle the forces of Apophis in the Land of the Demons. Sadie Kane (after finding Bes's shadow) restore Bes back to his original state.

Known Occupants

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