Superhuman Durability is an ability that is given to non-mortals such as demigods, gods, Titans, Giants, Einherjar, etc. People with this power are able to shake off blows that will either severely injure or kill a normal human being.


  • Survive falling from sky
  • Shake off getting hit by a god or giant
  • Surviving a deadly car crash
  • Shake off a point blank explosion


Jason Grace

  • He shook off getting kicked in the chest by a giant
  • Gotten only minor injuries from getting hit point blank from explosion caused by the destruction of his weapon
  • Shook off getting hit by a chariot

Percy Jackson

  • Got up from being kicked in the chest by the god, Ares
  • Managed only a nosebleed from getting hit by a giant to a concrete wall
  • Survived being whacked by a pole from a giant
  • Survived getting flicked extremely hard onto a pillar by Kronos

Hazel Levesque

  • Shook off being hit by a giant while riding on her supersonic fast horse, Arion
  • Was only injured with broken ribs after being struck by a giant

Leo Valdez

  • He survived with just minor injuries when he got hit by an explosion from a machine he built, and crashed on the sand from a great distance, when he was free-falling to Ogygia

Known users of Superhuman Durability