Superhuman Strength is an ability usually given to non-mortals such as demigods, monsters, gods, Titans, gigantes, Einherjar etc.People who has this power possess strength far greater than an average mortal. They can do feats no ordinary mortal can do. Superhuman Strength can also be given to people who had endowed themselves with the Curse of Achilles.


  • Can punch or kick through metals
  • Kicks and punches can send people flying
  • Throw cars
  • Cut through steel


Percy Jackson

  • He once rip the Minotaur horn
  • Strangle snakes when he was a baby.
  • Threw Octavian off from the Argo 2.

Jason Grace

  • Kicked the metal armor of Clytius to pieces.
  • Whacked wolves unconscious with a wooden plank.
  • Toppled the black throne of Kronos.

Frank Zhang

  • He knocked down three heavily armed demigods
  • Put a god in a chokehold


  • Threw the Argo II across the world.

Magnus Chase

  • Ripped a lamppost off the ground


  • Strangled the Nemean Lion
  • Threw fruit like canonballs
  • Strangled two snakes when he was a baby
  • Considered as one of the strongest beings in the universe
  • Defeated Cerberus with bare hands

Users of Superhuman Strength

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