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Sybaris was a dragon in Greek mythology.


In Greek mythology, Sybaris was a dragon that terrorized the Greek city of Delphi. When the Oracle was asked how to stop it, it said to sacrifice a young man. Eventually, a demigod named Eurybaros, son of the river god Axios, was chosen, but he defeated the dragon by hurling it down Mt. Kriphis. A fountain is said to have emerged there and a city is said to be named after her.


Atlas, who revived Sybaris.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

The Titan Atlas makes skeletons with dragon teeth, by growing them in a plant pot. The mortals think the teeth were from a T. rex and put them in the T. rex's exhibit. When planted and watered (most likely with blood), unstoppable skeletons emerge from the ground, ready to kill.

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