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Tefnut is the daughter of Ra and the sister, wife and counterpart of Shu. She is the goddess of moisture, dew and rain. Her symbol is a lioness. Her children are Nut and Geb.



The lioness-goddess Tefnut helped support the sky, and each morning received the sun on the eastern horizon. She was one of the "great nine" who sat in judgement of the dead. She was considered the goddess of the second hour of the night of the fourteenth moon.

According to one myth, Tefnut once got angry with Ra and ran away with all of her water and moisture, and the land dried. Ra sent Thoth along with Shu to look for the goddess at Nubia (where she fled) and persuade her to return to Egypt. When she returned, she brought her water and a moisture she took with her and Egypt went back to normal. Egyptians then started associating her with heat and the sun. She soon became linked with the sun and she became a solar deity.

One myth says that Tefnut and Shu went to explore the waters of Nun. Time passed and Ra started to think that they were missing. Ra sent his Eye to look for them. When they returned, Ra wept, and its tears created the first humans.

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Tefnut was depicted in the form of a woman who wears the solar disk circled by two cobras on her head. She holds in her hands the sceptre and ankh. Many times she has the head of a lioness or is shown as one.


Tefnut is an extremely powerful goddess being one of the primordial egyptian gods.

  • Hydrokinesis: As the Goddess of Moisture, Dew and Water, she has absolute control and divine authority over water and moisture. In one myth, Tefnut becomes angry with Ra and leaves to Nubia, and takes all the water and moisture of Egypt with her. That myths shows that she has powerful control over water and moisture. 
  • Hyetokinesis: As the Goddess of Rain, she has absolute control and divine authority over rain, as well she can choose whether it's going to rain, or even decide when it should stop.
  • Lioness Traits: As a lioness-goddess, she can shapeshift and have the reflexes of one. She probably has powerful fighting skills, being a lioness like Bast and Sekhmet. 


The goddess' name is related to the root tef, "to spit, be moist" and nu, "sky, waters". Appropriately, she was the personification of the moisture of the sky.

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